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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> PFIR proposes new global org. but representativethis time.

>I like the representative structure:
>At 02:27 AM 7/12/00 -0500, t byfield wrote:
>>One possible organizational structure would include five delegates from each
>>country, apportioned as one delegate from each of the following five
>>  - Business
>>  - Government
>>  - Education
>>  - Public policy, public interest, and non-profit organizations
>>  - Citizens and residents
>That's like inviting 5 kings, 5 princes, 5 professors, 5 popes, and 5
>peasants to decide who gets to harvest the wheat and clean the shit out
>out of the pig pens. One vote each. Very fair. Very democratic.

yeah, and 99 per cent will be male
maybe there will be a female teacher, or two...

;) jana

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