Geneva Anderson on 8 Dec 2000 05:08:42 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] seeking sources Albania

I am a journalist writing on the cultural scene in Albania and Edi Muka's dismissal from the ICC (Pyramid) Tirana.
Many on Syndicate have written me, offering assistance, to serve as sources but they are all outside Albania. I am looking to connect with an Albanian (who perferably has email) and is knowledgeable about the political and cultural envronment in Tirana (journalist, activist, new media type, artist, curator, foundation worker) able to speak to the issue of culture and institution building and the current situation in Tirana. Doesn't matter what the person's exact profession long as he/she is articulate. If you know of anyone I can contact, who might be a credible source, please contact me. Obviously, the person I interview will have a chance to see how his or her information is incorporated prior to publication. I have several deadlines,,all within the next week or so.
Also, does anyone have the email of Edi Rama or Fron Nazi ?
I am working with info that is two years old.
Geneva Anderson