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[Nettime-bold] ARTS WIRE OPEN HOME


Arts Wire's website at is a central place
to visit the cyberhomes of the diverse artists and art
organizations who are Arts Wire members. 

Via / From / Thanks to:
Arts Wire CURRENT              December 5, 2000
Arts Wire CURRENT              Volume 9, No. 49
Arts Wire CURRENT              Judy Malloy, Editor
Arts Wire CURRENT    
Arts Wire CURRENT is a project of the New York Foundation for the
Arts (NYFA) --

Arts Wire is NYFA's national online communications project.

Arts Wire CURRENT features news updates on social, economic,
philosophical, and political issues affecting the arts and
culture. Your contributions are invited.  Contact Judy Malloy,
editor, at

To encourage the exchange of arts information and perspectives,
Arts Wire CURRENT contents are not copyrighted unless specifically
stated.  We ask that you cite Arts Wire CURRENT as well as Arts
Wire's url ( when reprinting material. In
addition, Arts Wire is interested in documenting the use of
material from Arts Wire CURRENT in other newsletters, publications
and on online networks. Please send a copy to: Judy Malloy at the
email address above.

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