flesh h][i.j][acker on 7 Dec 2000 02:32:53 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: How to goto: yr mellow brick road

At 08:17 AM 6/12/00 -0800, eryk salvaggio wrote:

>>I have been asked to give an explanation for my resignation from
>>net.art. This explanation is as follows:

   >>I have lost the nervous wonder of 
     that first attempt to find a voice<<

[a deux-X machina lemming r][esult][ush, a mass waspish x-ah-dux, the
institutions gambling on the new th][ang[]rash: 

                          .     X-o.dus][t][net.ar][gumen][t

                          .     exodus nett

                          .     exoergic reaction?

read: the ][broad][bandwagon will most likely becum the flight patterns of
the jaded

  ... u   k n o w not  w o t you d o ...


. c a N T . u . re: v o l v e ?
. i s N T. y r . v o ][lve][ i c e. w o r t h. s a v i n g ???


   >>There is no longer a refresh button on 
     the internet art world<<

[i watch the watcher, i chew the fatuous fat, i mull yr seeds and stretch
yr muse to static snapping point][allistic][[allism][ ]


   >>We cannot resist any longer 
     the pressures from the institutions.
     For what we have given them, 
     we still can not eat.<< 

[a biologic.ca][u][l, my heart 2 is blown, the dredged actuals still sit
and sigh.]

.i .need. .to. .breathe.
.i .need. .to. .breathe.
.i .need. .to. .bre][xpress][athe.
.i .need. .2. .br][eat][he][r/him][.


Clo][a][th][e][os [cut.her.spun.spa.n][etwurk][]
Lache][xege][sis [time will not st][op][atic]
Atropos][itively negatively][ 

   >>We have become a hierarchy. 
     We have become an institution<< 

[we     have     b-cum]

[the royal][e][ we, flushed & topheavy, sliding in2 that quagmired C++]

.powa.yrself. b e y o n d .
.][altctrl][shift yr aim.

[corrupt crystal lat][en][tices, those bound on the g][l][orification path
with conge][nital][al, the sliced members crusting previous structures
while others loom][inesce][]


   >>I dreamed of a vast interconnected world of silent coders 
     creating ten million variations and translations 
     of a single manifesto<<

[i dream of caches replete within, jeweled binary stars flickerin with
wealth, the wealth a t][ext][housand sparked voices in harmony, hands
emoting the rush of ages, eyes re:moving the grit and past, words r.evolving]

.i.dream.the.n e X ][t][ us.

   >>we get table scraps, 
     false promises, 
     dangling carrots 
     from those who observe us and 
     report on our doings but 
     never stop to feed the starving work horses.<<

[victim rhetoric]
[scrap visions powa them in2 stratospheric holding conditionals]
[dangled offers show worn economic passages]
[my netwurk for a horse-like dedication]
[][net][work yr working dog and howl]

   >>It was my aim to break forward these questions, 
     but I too have been corrupted: 
     The one who questions such things 
     out loud gets no where<< 

[a nihilistic tremor]
[rough boundaries can still blow bubbles]

my naive wanderlust is coarse

.holding pat][t][ernity denied.

... i  g o r g e  lashes  ][o][f r o m   the  ][t][a b l e,  they  bit][e][
and c o n n e c t and s t r e a m  the b e a u t i f u l  in2  b e i n g


   >>I demand a world where this is not inevitable, 
      where truth is still honored, 
      and where the right questions get asked<< 

        [_ m   a   k   e_

             i   t

           s   e   w]

   >>I feel that 
     I have convinced myself of a meaning in my work which does not exist; 
     I feel that I have convinced myself that my ideas were too large to


[re:   wind][thru yr dynamic hair, touch the screen and m][onitor[]arvel]
[re:   effect the Y; push through the caul N spite corr][upting][osion]

.fe][e][line yr fur beyond the egoshelf

   >>I have settled for the safe route of 

[a confessional space.
 rewire yr output 2 read .i.can.now.breathe.] 

   >>I feel I can't continue 
     this path anymore<<

[re:     write yr codes
[feel     above     or       move the crushing demon]

.follow. your. y][m][ellow. brick. road.  
.does giving up ][the path][ complete ][yr journey][?.

.           .    ....         .....
fl][qu][es][t][h h][i.j][acke][t][r             
.... .                  .???  .......

.           .    ....         .....
fl][qu][es][t][h h][i.j][acke][t][r             
.... .                  .???  .......

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