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[Nettime-bold] New Works at Dystopia Tribes Gallery>>


a few new works have arrived, which were not on
view the nite of the opening, so please stop by
the gallery to see them:

HEATH BUNTING: "Natural Reality Superweed 1.0 DIY

DANIEL GARCIA ANDUJAR: "Technologies to the
People", propaganda pamphlets + posters, "phoney"

BETTY BEAUMONT: "Decompression" Ocean Landmark
Project video

SONG DONG: "Broken Mirror in Beijing" performance
on street

Tribes Gallery
285 East Third Street (2nd Fl)
New York NY  10009
(F train to 2nd Ave. bet ave c+d / east village)

"Dystopia + Identity in the Age of Global

Dec. 2-Jan 13, 2001

for more info

[online exhibition + documentation images + video

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