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[Nettime-bold] Holla ye pampered jades of Asia

Subj:   Re: <nettime> Fw: Enemies of the Future
Date:   12/5/2000 10:32:26 AM Central Standard Time
From:   <A HREF="mailto:Newmedia">Newmedia</A>
To: <A HREF="mailto:Nmherman">Nmherman</A>


> I'll get the job done, don't you worry.

No, you won't . . . but, that's okay, 'cause I'm not worried. <g>

The problem with all of this is simple, it's . . . DOOM.

Nettimers (and Max Hermaners) all believe that there is something that needs 
to be done to prevent DOOM.  Thus, they are all DOOMED.

But, DOOM already happened.

Many, many years ago.

As I said in my essay, "Who Cares About GENIUS?"

Every attempt at "alternative culture" is a romantic, nostalgic, "occult" 
replay of Nietzsche's "Eternal Return" . . . which has only one possible 
outcome . . . DEATH.

That is really all that everyone who is DOOMED cares about . . . DYING.

What they don't know is that they are already DEAD.

The only way to LIVE is to stop worrying about the DOOM that has already 
occured.  You have to stop trying to "get the job done."

It's already happened.

Everything Has Already Changed.


Mark Stahlman
New York City

P.S. Yes, you can re-post this if you wish. <g>

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