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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Fw: Enemies of the Future


> The New Economy is new, but its hardly the first one to be so.

You sound like Business Week . . . or the Economist . . . or . . .

. . . The poster on MetroNorth viewed by the millions streaming from their
rude-campsites in Connecticutt to the butcher-shops of lower Manhattan which
simply screams, "The Internet is EVERYONE'S Business"


ALL those who continue to mis-understand the fundamental transformations
CAUSED by every new technology -- which ALL includes *both* WIRED and
anti-WIRED (i.e. nettime) -- are now singing the same tune.

"Nevermind . . . ca plus change . . . more of the same, as usual . . ."

La . . . Ti . . . DA . . .

Safe in their 19th (or 18th or 17th) century romanticisms, smug in their
deep, deep conservatism, drunk on their certainty that they hold the KEY to
the BIBLE CODE -- since, afterall, both are only the two sides of the same
hermetic/hermeneutic KABBALISTIC "occult" knowledge-coin -- they ALL miss
what has happened . . .

Everything Has Already Changed.


Mark Stahlman
New York City