Taylor McLaren on 4 Dec 2000 23:44:55 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Captain Power and the Enemies of the Future

MEEP! Newmedia@aol.com wrote:
>Having just returned from the Left Coast on an extended reconnaisance 
>mission, I can report that Silicon Valley has actually already experienced 
>the BIG ONE and that it has -- just as any competent observer predicted -- 
>slipped right off the edge and into the Pacific Ocean.
>C'mon, folks . . . what's nettime gonna do . . . now that there aren't any 
>FAST companies to stink-bomb anymore?
I'd imagine that "they" might be refining their sense of scale so that an
industry-specific stock plunge isn't heralded as the end of a particularly
noxious way of thinking next time around. While I'm glad to see some
semblance of perspective coming back into the on-paper values of
Internet-related businesses, I hardly think that this is an indication that
the international business community has abandoned the notion that
centralized control is the key to big-ass profits.
  And hey, maybe this means that the smug bastards behind sniping points
like fuckedcompany.com will shut up and find another joke to flog unto
death now. We can always hope, can't we?


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