Terrence Kosick on 2 Dec 2000 23:44:09 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <thingist> welcome to fascist america

Terrence writes;

Many people have been seeing america as overpowering for a long time. I think the
republicans will put an honest face on it.  It will help America wake up when is
sees itself in the mirror.Just wait and see. The seeds of discontent were sown
with the mai protests. http://www.greenecon.org/MAI/index.html  You could see it
coming here a couple of years ago http://www.web.net/~bcmainot/. I fucking hated
the PM then and i still do. he's a sellout and and an asshole. You could see the
signs years ago with the closing of factories and the forclosere of farms. Nobody
is looking out for his felow man, we're all spoied now. We all want success.
Ther's going to be a lot of protest and maybe more rioting.  In  a way were doomed
to be fascist assholes ourselves. Guilty by our apathetic complicity.   We're
killing the common person.   We killed the students in indonesia.   We put the
children in the factories.   We all want to be comfortable.   It is costing the
world its freedom and happiness.   Its always been that way.  If you have a heart
you have to say/do something about it.

Patrick Lichty wrote:

> People are also disgusted with the political system through the percieved
> control by corporate interests. This has brought about a lack of the best and
> brightest entering politics and a low voter turnout.
> IRONICALLY, this corporate/consumer culture is the same one that centralizes
> the materialism in our culture mentioned above.
> Personally, I now refuse to vote for any major party for the coming time, and
> do what I can to subvert the powers that be through my work.  I fully intend to
> have moments in my upcoming piece on urban sprawl where developers are seen in
> a pretty harsh, or at least highly ironic light.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------

I think anything that points out the din of materialism that weve wraped ourselves
in is a step in the right direction


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