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replicant of my consciousness=chaosmic brain invades the nervous system of
my small=universe=space that held the host of the murder of the milli-unit
to the sonic thinking that controls the catastroph out of the stratosphere
of an embryo with heteromaniac of the anthropoid it does the dynamism of the
body=quark in the decay just before of an ant to the tropic of eros of the
night sky that the rhinoceros bar blood of the wolf howls interference and
my body it is torn to the magnetaito_desire of the cadaver-city favor
heterogailien of grief  blast! raping the hell of a cell the indecent
thinking of the unvital target micro mutton that the murder=quantum of my
consciousness leaps the sadstic crime net of the cyber to the reptic
intermediate=world of a chromosome the storage of the mysterious existence
of an embryo is formed do the ugly clone=coefficient of the chromosome that
ill-treats the centipede form body-organ fuck as if it does the manhole of
the immortality of the cadaver-city to the artificial-sun visual
hallucination! control the reptical soul of my zero=organ! face that synapse
was write off to the body=fluid of the micro-murder of an ant is exposed! it
does of crow ectoplasm of the artificial sun that the machinary-ants of the
cadaver-city conduct to the transmission line that crowds to the thyroid of
the fatalities digital=vamp so love of a clone invades my brain and do the
thin future tense of an ant short_do the chaos that the world bet the life
and death of minute-heterogailien of the ant that is being covered on the
stratification of the unbusiness murder of the sun paean! hope of an embryo
replicant of body that awoke completely to the over there of the desire
without f of the quark which is saturated the word of your sun the thinking
impossible ecstasy of clone-TOKAGE that springs the heteromaniac-hearts of
your earth outside circle that i grasp!

beat of the electron that my consciousness executes pulse of the sun that
will do meditate in the room of the hearing of a cadaver makes ectoplasm of
the embryo that is suffocated capturing alive in the over there of the larva
of the stratosphere the laughter of the vagina of the brain cell that tore
the mouth virtual=spirit of the gimmick diverges to the brain that ant was
dismantled the junkie beat of the fatalities that was armed to catastroph of
the horizon that murders the micro-body every part of an ant i rape the
internal organ of the fatalities that the middle sexual emotional particle
of the sun escapes/the cell that my consciousness meets by chance to the
murderous intention of the milligram of the blue sky the nerve that howls
the insanity of the human body does short to the sun of the hell of the drug
that fears_brain_usurps chaos to the synapse of the outer space that
heterogailiens interchange the megabyte of the murderous intention of the
embryo that was awoke is infectious to the brain cells of BABEL in the
season of the chromosome=levels of the fatalities when i love/secret of the
synapse is write off to the boundless play of heterogailiens that my
consciousness was doing the junkie manhole of the sun desire and the brain
of the ant goes straight to the DNA=channels in the last term of the
fatalities digital aerofoil of an embryo the terror of the vital limit that
break down the nest of the spider of the escape that does the replicant+ and
was mystery is instigated_sun itself turned different_it approximates the
interior of the womb of sec of heterogailiens the fractal soul of the
cadaver-city floats in the heteromaniac murder=plane state of a dog fuzzy
imaginary number of the sun! to the murderous brain cells of minus of an
embryo the electron theory target=reproduction random number of the wolf is
mega-mixed cell division of the soul of the electron=level that the negative
insanity of the material contaminated the heteromaniac nervous system of the
sun was repeated my consciousness in at the time of the catastrophic wall of
night sky/to the DNA=war of an ant/the soul that heterogailiens dance/as for
my consciousness my consciousness dances with the gene level of the cadaver
of the confusion exactly

Kenji Siratori

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