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[Nettime-bold] NEW ISSUE; NEW WORKS; NEW NEWS--december2000/january2001 issue


Wigged.net (http://www.wigged.net) is a bi-monthly webzine that is focused
on bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works over
the internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and promotion
center for media artists via the World Wide Web. Wigged.net is for
audiences seeking innovative alternatives to traditional forms of

Wigged.net now has video articles!


Check out featured artists in the new issue of Wigged.net:

Humberto Ramirez's Thirst.
"Thirst" is a video in which verbal and visual clues converse on the
uncertain engagement of discourse and desire. Visual and acoustical layers
of language point to an unattainable state valued by the very nature of its
absence. "Thirst" is about wanting and the impossibility of completeness at
any given time.  2000. United States.  Visit the "Now Showing" page at

Marikki Hakola's TRIAD Hyperdance.
This project is based on "TRIAD NetDance," a live telepresence performance
on the Internet between Helsinki, Finland; Tokyo, Japan; and New York City,
United States.  "TRIAD HyperDance" forms a virtual installation where the
audience is invited to interact with the artists and build up new
interpretations out of the audiovisual and choreographic elements.  2000.
Finland. Visit the "Now Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net

Markus Winkler's Medialab.
The digital media lab is a stage for experimental art and animations. The
site focuses on the human body and ways in which to interact with it.
1999-2000. Austria.  Visit the "Now Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net

Lou Anne Colodny's In the Negative.
Mysterious and brief, this video explores identity and physical, emotional
entrapment.  2000. United States.  Visit the "Now Showing" page at

Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo's from one to two too one.
The work is composed of three sections in which the two partners use
physical metaphors such as sewing or being stuck together with tape to
express their contradictions about merging  and separation. 2000. United
States.  Visit the "Now Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net

Lara Frankena's VidBody.
This interactive video piece is composed of 9 frames of soft focus black &
white video loops, which can run all at once, or one at a time. All video
loops are close-ups of the human body in motion. 1998. United States.Visit
the "Now Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net

Avi Rosen's Free Art.
The Webiste,  "Free Art" enables every user creating and consuming art as
he wishes. Each selection opens a window with random background (one of
seven) and random music (one of ten). The windows consist of digital 'ready
made' like: images, animations, text and sound. By dragging the components
to a desired composition a new artwork is created. The user can also add
his own text and mail it to the site. This mode of creation fits with
Joseph Beuys words: "I demand an artistic involvement in all realms of
life.  Whereas I advocate an aesthetic involvement from science, from
economics, from politics, from religion - every sphere of human activity.
Even the act of peeling potato can be a work of art if it is a conscious
act". 1999-2000. Isreal. Visit the "Now Showing" page at

Mike Lyda's Search Space.
"Search Space" is a series of virtual spaces which represent search engine
results in a 3D format.  Each space represents an actual search by a web
user to the Magellan search engine, and the objects within the spaces
correspond to web sites which were returned in the search engine results.
The individual vrml spaces were created by viewing search engines as
chaotic systems and visulizing their results in three dimensional terms.
2000. United States. Visit the "Now Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net

Gebhard Sengmueller's VinylVideo
"VinylVideo" is a new, wonderous and fascinating development in the history
of audio-visual media. For the first time in the history of technological
invention, "VinylVideo" makes possible the storage of video (moving image
plus sound) on analog long-play records. Playback from the "VinylVideo"
picture disk is made
possible with the "VinylVideo" Unit which consists of a normal turntable, a
special conversion box (aka the "VinylVideo" Home Kit) and a television.
In it's combination of analog and digital elements "VinylVideo" is a relic
of fake media archeology. At the same time, "VinylVideo" is a vision of new
live video mixing possibilities. By simply placing the tone arm at
different points on the record,  "VinylVideo" makes possible a random
access manipulation of the time axis.  With the extremely reduced picture
and sound quality, a new mode of audio-visual perception evolves. In this
way, "VinylVideo" reconstructs a home movie medium as a missing link in the
history of recorded moving images while simultaneously encompassing
contemporary forms of DJ-ing and VJ-ing. 2000. Austria. Visit the "Now
Showing" page at http://www.wigged.net


Check out Peter Schmidegs's article, "John Whitney Circa 2001."

See a video article on Tiffany Holme's cd-rom entitled "Littoral Zone."

Get a sneak preview to Markus Huemer's "Polke's Pasadena Stones"
installation on view at Max Planck Gesellschaft in Munich, Germany from
February 2 - March 23, 2001.

Find out more about the artists who are featured in this month's issue of

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