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[Nettime-bold] 242.sequenom

>socialistik cement [01 lux garanzie]

      Niftay!I anticipate hearing more about 242.sequenom.I guess that you 
would find my current first attempts at coding to be laughable in comparison 
to the functional modularity that you seem to have explicated.(cue: 
 >sigh<).I suppose I can try 242.sequenom when/if I have nato running..I 
would experience joy if it doesn't make me sound like Beethoven,though I 
doubt there's much chance ov that.And to PLAY!
Most ov the instruments I have made are composed ov broken toys so you can 
perhaps imagine that I delight when my associations are so unfettered that I 
CAN play,sometimes.
      >and she/s so pretty< pretty TRICKY is more like it!
      Since you have been a wee bit ov help to me,Red-I have brought 
something for you!

                   |  | |/\\\\------------------
                   |  / \ |
                   | |   ||))
                   | |N N||
                   | |   ||
                  _|  --- |_

Exactly! It's a lyseing gun!None ov us here at the CJ uNit want you to have 
any problems with stodgy patent organisms,or dull wolves,or for that matter 
anyone else who offends your sense ov propriety.(just kidding?)No I am 
NOT.You should use the above gun to lyse them into a heap ov inert-coded 
organic compounds.Be sure to discern differences between stick-people,model 
citizens,and the other,more flattering imitators that commerce depends upon 
to survive.If you wish,consider it yours!
      For concrete I'd recommend vines!


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     

Netochka Nezvanova     - m!!ss|r|evolut!on|devot!on
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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