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[Nettime-bold] Petition for Edi Muka

Dear all,

I have cleaned up the language a little bit - please see the version below
- I would suggest to use that....
Please forwad this version and ask for all signatures to be sent 
directly to Marina Grzinic <>.
I have also begun to forward this to various lists...

best to all, especially Edi,


Please sign against this act of absolute blindness with regard to the work 
of Edi Muka, as a curator, writer, project director!

With this petition we are asking and demanding from the authorities of
the Republic of Albania and all persons involved in the Pyramid project
to reconsider their acts against Mr. Edi Muka and retract their
decisions involving his employment within the structure of the Pyramid
We who are signing this petition, artists, activists, theorists,
directors, curators, journalists, editors, project directors and
politicians from all over Europe, know, respect and support the work of
Mr. Edi Muka.
He is an excellent writer, curator and a professional, who with his
devoted work with lecturing, writing and curating, changed radically the
image of Albania all over Europe and emphasised the importance of the
new generation of Albanian artists for a new perception of the
Albanian cultural, artistic and social activities and presence in Europe
and the world.
Mr. Edi Muka has contributed an immeasurable amount of information that
helped to change the image of Albania in the cultural and political
world. With him we learned about different attitudes, experience and
approaches of the new generation of Albanian creators and had a chance to
read about a large number of incomprehensible stereotypes about art and
culture, perception and action in contemporary Albania.
We strongly demand from the relevant authorities of the Republic of
Albania to reconsider their acts toward Mr. Edi Muka, and we promise to keep
the pressure up fully until their decision is revoked!


1. Marina Grzinic, philosopher, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2. Marko Peljhan, director, Ljubljana, Slovenia
3. Rob La Frenais, curator, London, Great Britain
4. Miran Mohar IRWIN, artist, Ljubljana
5. APSOLUTNO association, Yugoslavia
6. Dimos Dimitriou, artist, Athens, Greece
7. Zoran Petrovski, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje, Macedonia
8. Janka Vukmir, Institute for contemporary Art, Zagreb
9. Darko Simicic, Institute for Contemporary Art Zagreb
10. Daniel G Andujar, artist, IT advisor, Technologies To The People, Spain
11. Adele Eisenstein, curator and project coordinator, C3, Budapest, and 
general coordinator, ICAN (International Contemporary Arts Network 
Association), The Netherlands

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