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[Nettime-bold] ECHO, November, 28th, 2000 (English)

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Subject:        	ECHO, November, 28th, 2000 (English)

n.12 (2000-2001)
ECHO, November, 28th, 2000 (English)

I- Discussion Forum:

II- Calls/Jobs:
- Mercer Union - Job Opportunity
- Artcite - Re: Job Opportunity
- Declarations Conference - Call for Submissions
- Open Studio - Job Opportunity

III- Activities/events:
- 23rd Room - Launch
- La Centrale - Performance Month
- Atelier Presse Papier - Invitation
- Perte de signal - December Newsletter
- Atelier Presse Papier - Open House

IV- Address notes

Next week will be our last ECHO before the holidays (unless there is some
urgent matter to be discussed). We plan to resume publication on the week
of January 15, 2001.

I/ Discussion Forum

II/ Calls/Job

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000
From: "mercer" <>
Subject: Mercer Union Employment Opportunity - Please Post

Position: Director of Administration
Application Deadline: December 8, 2000

Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art, is looking for an individual
to fill a full-time position of Director of Administration. The successful
candidate will manage the gallery's administrative operations and will
report to the Board of Directors. Qualifications include proven financial
management abilities, administrative expertise, publication management,
excellent communication and grant writing skills, knowledge of contemporary
art, familiarity with artist-run centres and the ability to work
collaboratively with a board and staff.

 Responsibilities include:
 - operational grant writing
 - financial management
 - government and corporate fundraising
 - publication production
 - membership services
 - public relations

 This 2-year limited term contract offers a salary of $30 000 + benefits
(to commensurate with experience). This contract will begin no later than
January 15, 2001.

 Interested candidates should submit a CV with 3 references and a writing
sample no later than  December 8, 2000 to:

 Hiring Committee
 Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art
 37 Lisgar Street
 Toronto  ON
 M6J 3T3

 Only successful candidates will be contacted.
 Applications will be accepted by email (however there is a risk of
illegible content when received in this form).
 We look forward to your application.

Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000
From: artcite <>
Subject: ARTCITE INC. Employment Oppurtunity

Hi Folks, I know we already passed this communique on, but since the
deadline for applications is Dec 31, we'd appreciate it if you could post
this again.

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000
From: artcite <>
Subject: Position available

Hello ARC's and friends of ARC's...

We're currently accepting applications for the position of ARTISTIC
COORDINATOR for Artcite Inc. Please pass the word on... (Note: no hard
feelings--or staff burn-out, related to this position coming available: our
current Artistic Coordinator, Christopher McNamara, is leaving us in March
2001 for a full-time teaching gig in Detroit.)


Christine Burchnall
Admin Coordinator

********See ECHO n.9(2000-2001) for full text******************

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000
From: "George(s) Lessard" <>
Subject: Declarations Conference in Montreal

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Subject:        	[CPI-UA]: Fw: Declarations Conference
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This may be of interest to some...


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Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 10:04 AM
Subject: Declarations Conference


Call For Participation

We are planning a symposium, DECLARATIONS of [inter]dependence and the
im[media]cy of design to be held on October 25 - 28, 2001 at Concordia
University, Montreal. The symposium will bring together designers, artists,
educators and activists to explore the public sphere as a space of
democratic voice and citizenship with an emphasis on graphic agitation,
manifestoes, interventions, alternative modes of public address, and
culture jamming. We are committed to the development of a discourse for a
socially engaged design practice that seeks to address the complex and
contradictory role designers play as cultural producers in capitalist

The symposium seeks to take up the challenge of design manifestoes, new and
old - from F.T. Marinetti's, Words-In-Freedom to the most recent rewriting
of Ken Garland's, First Things First. Moreover, it seeks to extend the
dialogue and debates initiated at the conference organized by Jan van
Toorn, design beyond Design: critical reflection and the practice of visual
communication, at the Jan van Eyck Academie, in 1997.

Important in our discussions will be the links from theory to practice -
the strategies for action adopted by image makers and cultural producers
working both inside and outside "the mainstream." Moreover, the rapid
expansion of digital technologies is implicated in this discourse as a tool
and medium for expression. Digital media have transformed the discipline of
design - changing the ways in which we work, allowing direct access to
communication networks, and opening the door to cross-disciplinary

We are actively seeking proposals for interdisciplinary presentations,
parallel events, interventions, performances, roundtable discussions, and
Potential contributors should submit a written description of their
proposal no longer than 500 words together with any relevant visual
documentation, by February 15th 2001. Please indicate all special
requirements, such as nature and size of space needed, and any equipment
necessary for the presentation. Notification of acceptance will be made by
March 30th 2001.

Submission of Proposals:
        By email (preferred method, attachments accepted) to
        By post to: Michael Longford,
        Concordia University,
        1395 Rene Levesque West, Rm 244
        Montreal, QC
        H3G 2M5


A CD-ROM and a serial publication in the form of poster/postcard will be
produced and all material presented during the conference will be
considered  for inclusion.

List of Confirmed Participants
Jan van Toorn (NL)
Patricia Zimmermann (USA)
Liz McQuiston (UK)
Critical Art Ensemble (USA)
Naomi Klein (CAN)
Tony Credland (UK)
Michael Barker (CAN)
Swallow Press x2 (USA)
Ian Noble (UK)
Russell Bestley (UK)

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
Subject: Employment Opportunity



Reporting to the Technical Director, the Studio Technician/Custom Printer
will be responsible for handling general maintenance of the Studio
facility, provide technical resource to Studio users, manage inventory of
materials for Studio and for resale, and do printing for visiting artists
and custom printing clients.

The successful candidate must have:

* considerable understanding of printmaking studio equipment and materials
* solid working knowledge of lithography, screenprinting and intaglio processes
* experience with printing editions for artists

This is a part-time position of 14 hours per week, however, custom printing
hours may exceed that depending on the number of projects. The position
will begin in December.

Please address your resume to Janice Carbert, Director, Open Studio, 468,
King Street West, Toronto, M5V 1L8  416.504.8238 or e-mail to
Only those interviewed will be contacted.

III/ Activities/Events

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
From: Lisa Deanne Smith <>
Subject: 23rd room web site launch

Lois Andison
Michael Caines
Shawna Dempsey/Lorri Millan
Reid Diamond
Anna Lefsrud
Steve Reinke
Lyla Rye
Gretchen Sankey
Lisa Deanne Smith
Kartz Ucci
Barb Webb

Launch at:
V. MacDonnell Gallery
1340 Queen St. West
Saturday December 2nd
2-5 PM

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
From: La Centrale <>
Subject: Mois de la performance


Performance art is closely associated with women artists and the history of
La Centrale. In 1978, members of the gallery (Powerhouse at that time)
founded Powerhouse Performance Space (PPS) which was a very dynamic
addition to the art scene. In 1994, La Centrale members decided to revive
this tradition and since then have presented Montréal's unique, LE MOIS DE
LA PERFORMANCE, every two years.

Conceived to be receptive to new ideas, this 4th edition of MOIS DE LA
PERFORMANCE has become an "art laboratory" giving special attention to
artists at the beginning of their careers. The gallery has opened its doors
to all artistic practices that broaden the notion of performance and is
overflowing with a variety of activities. There will be performances not
only in the gallery but "hors les murs" (outside the gallery walls) as
well, in shop windows and at an exterior site. The gallery events include
an "intervention" lasting for three days and a "soirée de performances" (an
evening of performances) presenting the work of four artists. Invited
artist, Nao Bustamante, a pioneer in performance art, will perform for the
first time in Montréal. And, the project room will be transformed into a
"laboratoire" where two artists will individually develop a "work in
progress" for ten days.

Particular interest is given to works that include some "risk", a stance
favouring the unknown and the unpredictable as well as process and
interaction with the public. The recurrent themes in the selected projects
are the questioning or breaking down of boundaries between performance and
life, between art and the everyday, between the artist and the public,
between the gallery as a privileged place and the street, and between
private and public space.

Finally, there will be a time to celebrate, exchange and reflect at the
"soirée finale" (closing evening) where the artists and the  public can get
together around a sumptuous buffet.

A portion of LE MOIS DE LA PERFORMANCE will be presented at SAW
Gallery in Ottawa
Friday, December 1,  2000


Tuesday, November 21 to Thursday, November 30
In the project room
Fan mail :

LABORATOIRE  Iwona Majdan (Montreal)

Since 1996, Iwona Majdan has presented interventions and performances at
various galleries and artist-run centres (most recently at SKOL in
September), as well as at other independent spaces in Montréal. Iwona
Majdan's work process depends essentially on the public's participation in
her interventions and on her responses to them. Improvisation, risk and
loss of control are the basic elements that she uses to explore the notion
of boundary, as art infiltrates life and life infiltrates art.
Iwonkasuperstar awaits you!

Monday, November 20 to Tuesday, November 28, opening hours: call 990.2563
Elle Corazon , 176 Bernard West

HORS LES MURS  Jillian Mcdonald (New York),  Tailor Made

Jillian Mcdonald turns a store window into a sewing workshop and invites
the public to give up an article of clothing for art. By proposing to
transform a familiar object and then return it to its owner, the artist
questions the status of the art object: is it an article of clothing if
nobody wears it? Is it art if someone wears it? What are the circumstances
for an object or an action to become art? Keep an eye on the classified ads
in the newspapers!
Jillian Mcdonald lives and works in New York where she teaches at Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn. Her installation, video and performance work has
been presented in group and solo exhibitions, at film and video festivals
and at performance events in Canada, New York and  Ireland since 1993.

Thursday, November 30, 7:30pm
In the main gallery
Admission: $8, members $5
With DJ mim


Victoria Stanton and Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood (Montreal)

Language - the material that both Victoria Stanton and Susanne de
Lotbinière-Harwood use and question in their respective practices - forms
the basis of their performance together. They explore issues touching on
their common interests using language and languages - French, English and
body language - in the form of dialogue and choreographic plays of sound
and movement.

Victoria Stanton works mainly with spoken words and text. She has presented
numerous projects throughout Canada that include performances, live radio,
artist's books, mail-art projects, independent publications and CD
recordings. In 1996, she formed the duo, Officious Little Students, with
writer Vincent Tinguely, with whom she still collaborates today.

After studying literature and art history, Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood
became a translator specializing in the visual arts and feminist
literature. She has translated many texts in collaboration with artists,
museums and galleries and her work has been published in numerous
theoretical and feminist journals in Canada and the United States. During
the 1980s, she gave a number of performances in the visual arts milieu. But
since 1989, she has shifted her sphere of action to the university where
she now practices "performative lecturing."

Nao Bustamante (San Francisco), Sans Gravity

Nao Bustamante was born in San Joaquin Valley, California and lives and
works in San Francisco. She is recognized as a pioneer artist in the area
of performance where she has been active for 14 years. This will be the
first time she presents her work in Montreal. Her performance practice is
concerned with body art and uses stereotypes associated with the body and
female sexuality in a critical way. Touching on the limits of the body's
vulnerability, she provokes an ambivalent feeling midway between
sensationalism and guilt.
Nao Bustamante is an accomplished writer and curator as well as a
performance artist. Her work has been presented in Mexico, Asia, Africa,
Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Louise Dubreuil (Montreal), Poli Positive vous prépare les meilleures
recettes d'amour

An interdisciplinary artist and committed feminist, Louise Dubreuil
conceives of her performances as creative adventures in which intuition,
intellect, humour and improvisation are all essential elements. In the role
of "Poli Positive" she will present her most successful recipes for love:
"Rest assured that with the greatest of competence, Poli Positive will show
you a wide range of emotions, intuition and, of course, love of the highest
Since 1995, Louise Dubreuil has been a founding member of the group Images
de femmes and a member of the collective l'AME ART, which each year
organizes group exhibitions in store windows in Montréal's Mile End
neighbourhood. She is also part of the artists' performance and
improvisation collective, Play Group. Her performances have been presented
at artist-run centres and performance festivals in Montreal.

Friday, December 1 to Wednesday, December 6
Productions Nathalie Derome, 813 Ontario East
Opening hours : call (514) 990.2563

HORS LES MURS  Germaine Koh (Toronto), Watch

Conceptual artist Germaine Koh works mainly in the areas of installation,
media arts and public art. She describes her work as "excessively
minimalist." For her performance, she will sit on a chair in a shop window:
this way, she will give both herself and passersby the security and
distance to freely observe one another. It is an act of endurance and a
challenge, which in its simplicity provokes questions about the unspoken
responsibilities of our social interactions in a public space.
Germaine Koh's work has been presented at several international
contemporary art events as well as in numerous solo and group exhibitions
in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and  Europe.

Tuesday, December 5 to Thursday, December 14, 1pm to 5pm
In the project room
Closed Sunday and Monday

LABORATOIRE  Diane Borsato (Montreal),  The Self-Love Project

Diane Borsato works closely with the public and groups of people in various
contexts such as the gallery, the domestic space, but also the public
space. Themes of food, excess, love, courteousness and solitude inform her
work. She turns her attention in particular to unexpected humour, to the
beauty and the horror, which can be found in our relationships with others
as well as substitutes like comfort objects. During her performance, Diane
Borsato will offer to share these experiences with you !
Working in the field of sculpture, in situ installation and performance,
Diane Borsato's art has been presented regularly in solo and group
exhibitions in Toronto and Montreal.

Friday, December 8 to Thursday, December 14, opening hours: call
(514) 990.2563
marché clandestin vidéoclub, 325 Ontario East

HORS LES MURS  Joelle Ciona (Vancouver), Rêverie lucide

The artist is inspired by insect life and uses their behaviour as a
metaphor for the basic aspects of existence, such as sexuality, struggle,
repulsion, consumption, desire and transformation. By the means of body
art, she explores emotional states that are related to the physical
processes she reproduces in an excessive manner. Her performances, although
strange and sometimes repulsive, echo human behaviour, both individual and
Joelle Ciona lives and works in Vancouver. She is active mainly in the
field of video and performance, integrating her knowledge and interest in
landscape architecture. Her work has been presented throughout Canada and
the United States.

Sunday, December 10, 4pm
At the south-east corner of Rue Duluth and Avenue du Parc

HORS LES MURS  Vida Simon (Montreal), effigy

In her work, Vida Simon is interested in the local climate of
neighbourhoods and in the public which doesn't necessarily foresee an
encounter with contemporary art. In the performance, effigy - developed and
presented in collaboration with Jack Stanley - Vida Simon pays homage to
the writer Clarice Lispector, the source of her inspiration. What attracts
the artist to this Brazilian author's writings is her extreme feeling of
interiority, her relationship to the sensory world and to sexual
difference, as well as to the earth and its wildlife. While moving through
the city with a puppet carriage, a series of impromptu acts will take
place, concluding with the rendez-vous in the clearing near Parc
Vida Simon's work encompasses in situ installation, writing, drawing,
artist's book projects and performance. She is part of the Montreal artist
collective, Play Group, which is concerned with performance and
improvisation. For four years, she and Jack Stanley have organized
exhibitions and events for a room under the stairs in Montreal.

Thursday, December 14, 6pm
In the main gallery

SOIRÉE FINALE Artists of the "mois" and the public

Moderators: Karen Spencer and Melody Young

"A good dinner is of great importance to good talk. One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
(Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own)

You are cordially invited to join us for an enchanted evening banquet and
conversational exchange with our participating performance artists. Come
eat and be merry, lively discussion awaits. Everyone  welcome !

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000
From: "Atelier Presse Papier" <>





This year's campaign revolves around the artists' portfolio " L'Édition du
Millénaire " (The Millenium Edition). A collection of works by 48 artists,
this edition comes in three formats:

The " Catalogue " edition @ $ 20.
The "Collectionneur " (Collector's) edition (including 5 original works) @
$ 75.
The " De Luxe " edition (including 48 original works) @ $ 950.

This opportunity is not to be missed, and thanks to your support, Presse
Papier will be able to pursue its mission: giving access to specialized
equipments for several renowned artists, and continuing to offer
educational activities to the general public.


L'Atelier Presse Papier is located at 73, rue St-Antoine in Trois-Rivières
Phone and fax:  (819) 373-1980;

P. S. : For those who would like to receive an edition by mail, please
print and fill in the following questionnaire.

Atelier Presse Papier
Fundraising Campaign 2000

Purchase form for orders by mail, fax or e-mail

Name:  ___________________________________

First Name:  ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________


Postal Code: ___________________________________

Telephone : (_________) __________________

I would like to acquire ______ x Edition " catalogue " @ $ 20. $   =

   ______ x Edition " Collectionneur " @ $75. = ______________

   ______ x Edition " De Luxe " @ $ 950.  = ______________

   + postage ($ 3.50 per catalogue)  = ______________

        Total  = ______________

Please send us a cheque by mail, with the total amount of your purchase.
For a better idea of the catalogue, please visit Presse Papier's website :

Information: Charles Guillemette
Coordinator, Fundraising campaign
Phone : (819) 370-1727     Fax: (819) 372-4987
Atelier Presse Papier
73, rue St-Antoine, Trois-Rivières, Qc G9A 2J2
Phone and fax:  (819) 373-1980

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
From: Perte de Signal <>
Subject: Info-signal  "Décembre"

>>>Info-Signal  "December"


Vertige, Isabelle Hayeur latest tape, has receive the public awards at
CHROMA, el universo del arte audiovisual, in Guadalajara, Mexico



Sébastien Pesot has been nominated on the Administration board of PRIM,
center for media arts (Montréal).



Julie-C. Fortier is moving to France where she'll continue her work and
Perte de Signal activities
Public presentation

As part of the 25th anniversary of GIV, Groupe Intervention Vidéo, Montréal

Sunday  3rd of december, 16h00
curator: Nicole Gingras

Vertige > Isabelle Hayeur
Mechanical Rodeo > Julie-Christine Fortier
Blizzard Blizzard > Julie-Christine Fortier


Battersea Arts Centre, London, GB

Mechanical Rodeo et Blizzard Blizzard > Julie-Christine Fortier

offline@online, « intimate technologies, Dig_in_time »
Pärnu New Art Museum
Tallinn, Estonia

Lapsus >  Sébastien Pesot
Mechanical Rodeo > Julie-Christine Fortier
Blizzard Blizzard >  Julie-Christine Fortier
Je ne bouge plus d'ici >  Claudette Lemay
Visions >  Joanna Empain
Opuscules: Op.1 >  Robin Dupuis
Opuscules: Op.2 >  Robin Dupuis
Vertige > Isabelle Hayeur

Windsor, Canada et Detroit, USA,  from september 18  to december 15
Presented by Artcite (windsor)

Shift > Julie Christine Fortier
Opuscules: Op.1 > Robin Dupuis


>>>LA FREEWAVES,  the 7th celebration of experimental media arts \
Los Angeles, USA, from october 28 to december 2

Démarche No. 2 >  Robin Dupuis
Compost > Sébastien Pesot


>>>JULIE IN THE BOX (vanity)

Exhibition of video installation by Julie-Christine Fortier

>From november 8 to december 2
Mini-Entrepôt, 4th floor, 2250 de Maisonneuve est, Montréal
from wend. to saturday  13h to 17h in presence of the artist
and by appointement:


Isabelle Hayeur show her digital photography.

>From 11 november to 2 décember
At Pari Nadimi Gallery
Toronto, Canada


Isabelle Hayeur show her digital photography.

>From 24 november to 17 december
At la Galerie L'Écart
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Perte de Signal
C.P. 42025, Jeanne-Mance
Montréal, Quebec
H2W 2T3, Canada
(514) 288-9634

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
From: "Atelier Presse Papier" <>


73, Rue St-Antoine in Trois-Rivières (Quebec)

Saturday, December 2nd, 2000