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[Nettime-bold] NO PROTEST NO PROFIT >>> Consultation

First International Competition of Net.Protest



The Thing Roma and 0100101110101101.ORG open a public consulatation on
how to employ the amount of profits earned during the contest


The investors of NO PROTEST NO PROFIT have earned 500 US dollars of
profits so far. In a fax letter dated November 11th, 2000, sent to the
Vice Direzione Generale del Comune di Roma (see text below), the
organization of Observatori Festival of Valencia, Spain
( have offered to the Comune di Roma the
amount of 700 dollars to buy the Inboxes of the e-mail software of
Mariella Gramaglia, Mauro Biddau e Claudia De Paolis.

These Inboxes contained the originals of the e-mail protests sent to
the Comune di Roma, as part of the NO PROTEST NO PROFIT contest, for
the several cases of censorship on the Rete Civica Romana during the
month of October (the whole documentation is available on the The
Thing Roma website at

At the end of the contest , promoted by  0100101110101101.ORG
e The Thing Roma, Observatori has exhibited, between  November 2nd and
November 4rd, some of the works sent as Bcc to the promoters of NO
PROTEST NO PROFIT. It has then offered 700 US dollars to exhibit
permanently  on its website the original of the Inboxes of the Comune
di Rome employees.

Since they have not had, after two weeks, any answer by the Vice
Direzione Generale del Comune di Roma (that has probably thrown the
originals away, notwithstanding the several request of not doing so),
Observatori has made an offer of 500 US dollars (a little less than
the 700 dollars established by the Jury because of the
non-completeness of the work) to 0100101110101101.ORG and The Thing

0100101110101101.ORG and The Thing Roma have in the meantime
evaluated,  together with the International Jury that included Natalie
Bookchin, Steve Dietz, Ricardo Dominguez, Matthew Fuller e Cornelia
Sollfrank, the e-mails arrived as Bcc and of the total value of the
work, that amounts to about 700 dollars, according to this estimation.
Such estimation can be seen on the NO PROTEST NO PROFIT website, at

The investors (and protesters) are deciding these days how to
re-invest the earned profits and the final decision will be upon the
them, as stated in the contest rules. However,  0100101110101101.ORG
and The Thing Roma believe that NO PROTEST NO PROFIT is a common
treasure of all of those who have fought against censorship.

We are thus opening this public consultation through the mailing lists
that have been more closely involved in this matter, so that everybody
could suggest how to re-invest the 500 $. The general opinion is to
use the money for related causes, but every suggestion is welcome,
especially the ones with a strong imaginative content. The game has
just started.

Kind regards

The Thing Roma




To:Vice Direzione Generale Comune di Roma
L. re dei Pierleoni, 1 00186 Rome ? Italy
Tel. +39 6 67103082 Fax +39 6 69923160

Dear Mariella Gramaglia,

Observatori 2000, the 1st Festival of Artistic Investigation that has
been held in Valencia on the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th of November,
organised by Pistolo Eliza y Blanco Ano,  is proud to announce you
that the letters of protest received by the City of Rome, and in
particular by your office, in relation to the censorhip of The Thing
Rome and Avana Net spaces, have been selected for our competition. The
international Jury of No Protest No Profit, composed by Natalie
Bookchin, Steve Dietz, Ricardo Dominguez, Matthew Fuller and Cornelia
Sollfrank and established a value for the artwork of 700 US $.

We asked to The Thing Rome to buy the original artwork in order to
display it during the Festival (thousands of visitors are expected).
The Thing Rome stated that only Mauro Biddau, Claudia De Paolis and
you might have a backup of all the e-mail protests that compose the
final artwork. The Thing Rome explained us that you should have been
advised by the members of the Jury that the mails you received do have
an economical value.

Therefore we ask you to produce a backup on cd-rom of all of the
Inboxes of Mariella Gramaglia, Claudia De Paolis and Mauro Biddau.
We’ll pay the cd-rom the amount of 700 US $, as established by the

Observatory started on Thursday 2nd  of November, but we absolutely
need the cd with the originals, in order to be sure that no e-mails
are missing. The Thing Rome and 0100101110101101.ORG provided some
copies of the e-mails (they received them as Bcc) but we absolutely
need the originals.

Your sincerely,
Miguel Claver Fos (Pistolo Eliza)
Director of Observatori 2000


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