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>>     n2+0.pedagog!e
>the art piece does not exist with out the user/viewer interacting with it.
>touch everything.
>>     ep!dermal cellz
>>  (  =
>intimately microscopic  .  enjoyed).

the art piece does not exist with out the user/viewer interacting with it.

touch everything.

me to bring forward

me to bring forward in your story
it is a role of scared hero
if he has with bare foot touched
some turf of territory

challenging glaciers
i do not know what ingenious sin
you would have hindered
laughing out loud at his victory

say if i am not joyful
thunder and rubies at the hub
to see in the air this fire holes

with scattered realms
like dying purple the wheel
of my single sun-down chariot

hours and hours more there was i think
do not remember no matter 
et puis je t'aime

........... it distressed me the other day when you insisted
so casually that i am not in love with you.  this is childish, perhaps,
but nonetheless i must share with you my distress.  ..........
and surely the love i have for you ..................
............................. quite visceral for me, utterly
sincere and easily expressed, both to you and in my thoughts of you is
not the "in love" which we both know to be quite different.  and yet
that other sentiment arises, almost against my will, or rather against
my better judgment or perhaps it is clearer to say it did so at
first, ..........................this is
a dangerous sentiment for reasons you are familiar with for me to fall
in with regards to you and yet i cannot help myself, but have,
of late, found a way to place it as you yourself do in the realm of
books -- of fiction, so as not to burden either you or myself with
expectations you would be loath to fulfill which makes it and "in love"
at the same time more delightful than any i am likely to encounter in a
more tangible realm and also less solid, less near to that which my
heart aspires for. i sense you know this already, for you bring out my
favorite self, the one so seldomly called to expression by an average
encounter, and yet i felt i must reiterate for i felt a keen
............. ..........let it be rather
that i am in love with you without the expectations i would place on any
other with whom i might be in love  ..............and more
in keeping with our friendship   which has brought me ........
................... so much comfort. all my love .......

> Nicholas Herman Proposes to Netochka Nezvanova
>        Dear Ms. Nezvanova:
>        I have never met you in person but would like to offer you a serious,
>        legally binding offer of marriage.  I think we would be a good couple. 
>        .......... I want
>        to spend my life with you, je t'adore.
>        With Sincere Admiration,

uh! ! shl nvr mar! z!l!.

>please explain as i'm sincerely interested in this - the people involved,
>"the zvrl nn.z" etc.
>- who started it?




szent!vnji lom 


zekzual zelekz!on



>i mean, 
>it's just so incredibly poignant and profound. 




01 neu generaz!e !n 0+2 = au+au
okz!dent-- \ du != ma! kompet

zoftezt ara! ov 
kr!ztal!n globulz.


dekorous grav!t+e.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     

Netochka Nezvanova     - dze futur = needz 01 or!g!n
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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