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employs condensed figures and unorthodox syntax.
believed the point of a poem was the beauty of the language.
you don't make a poem with ideas, but with words. 
preferred to hint at meanings rather than state them clearly. 
nommer un object c'est supprimer les
trois-quarts de la jouissance du poème qui est
faith peu à peu: le suggérer.

me to bring forward

me to bring forward in your story
it is a role of scared hero
if he has with bare foot touched
some turf of territory

challenging glaciers
i do not know what ingenious sin
you would have hindered
laughing out loud at his victory

say if i am not joyful
thunder and rubies at the hub
to see in the air this fire holes

with scattered realms
like dying purple the wheel
of my single sun-down chariot

hours and hours more there was i think
do not remember no matter 
et puis je t'aime


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