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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> "cheap wireless linux for everyone"

"...output to a television monitor..."?
Gee, sounds a lot like my Amiga500

Seems like that last time I replaced it's motherboard it cost $50 Canadian..


On 26 Nov 00, / from / via / thanks to, amy alexander <> 
 writing on Subject: <nettime> "cheap wireless linux for

not sure if this has been posted here already. i think it's
just a prototype at this point, but might be of interest to those
interested in WAP.

quoted from:

> I was most attracted to Rehmi Post's $50 handheld Linux computer. It was
> a brilliant mix of very low cost but
> functional computing and networking components (100 kb/sec 900 Mhz
> radio, Linux os, stacked circuit boards,
> innovative interface with jacks for keyboard and output to a
> television monitor). He considered every important
> issue that a technologist from a developing country would raise,
> including power consumption. It uses a very
> efficient Motorola chip that draws an incredibly low amount of power
> which could be supplied from the grid, a
> battery, solar panel or through a windup mechanism. He was surrounded
> by people from Mexico, South America,
> and Vietnam. For more information see
> or write to

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