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>integer, the kontemplator

plagiarist - dze komportmnt ov feromagnet!k mater!alz at h!gher tempz

>> >so it's not really a US vs. Other Countries issue, as i see it, it's more a
>> >US Corps. vs. Everyone Else issue. 
>nice page.. where tho does nato fit in the world of Korporat Fascism?

obedience and trangression are equivalent.
they cancel the difference upon which the equivalent is based.

the established order can do nothing against it for 
the process of simulation is beyond true and false 
beyond equivalences beyond the rational distinctions upon
which function all power and the entire social.

molecular manipulation will not create memory links. 
these have to come from experience --

>> >the problem is, 
>> model citizenz = tzo v.numerouz + servile
>agreed. model citizenz and modeled citizenz. modeled
>by you know what. 

dze!r free u!l + dez!rz [demokraz!e]

>do you know the movie called
>"the stepford wives?" 


>there is now in the US something of a 
>stepford country; stay tuned for a stepford world. 
>but anyway, here is i think the problem.
>model/modeled citizenz don't really see the difference between
>themselves and the korporations. this wasn't always
>the case, not at least as much, not 30 years ago. but i think
>the Reagan Empire and its PR was what brought us this
>recent bout... 
>do you recall, "the trickle down theory?" what is good
>for korporationz is good for all the people. help the
>big rich ones first, and the little ones will get theirs
>eventually. nowadayz this is laughed at, but that sense
>of complacency/complicity with the Korporationz
>remains. the counterculture is all but gone; after all,
>if you buck the mainstream, you are only ruining it for
>yourself and all the rest of us, goes the thinking. 
>> >the US Corps. have so many legal funds,
>> funds = generatd b! model citizenz
>yes, see above. but how to influence a change in that? 

ekspens!v humanz. [openzore != konduz!v 2]
= muzt zlkt dze mozt ekstravagant. ekspenz!v + uzelesz 
zensual d!zpla!z. red! +? zet +? 

>i don't
>think it's possible until model/modeled citizenz
>see themselves as separate from the korporationz.
>and that means pointing that out to everyone in
>general - it keeps getting all blurred in discussions
>on nettime and so on. what i am saying is, people in
>the US continually get screwed by the powerz that be, 
>the korporationz... 

free u!l + dez!rz [model z!t!znz = d!zpozabl! cheap.]

>along with the rest
>of the world, certainly...  but more often
>than not modeled citizenz don't see it, or at
>least try not to think about it...
>if u.s. people think we=they (korporat fascists(tm))
>then no thinking occurs, and if the 
>rest of the world thinks we=they, then it's the same.
>> >they get used to winning, and they get used to making the rules.
>>          prologue - on each ztep an organ!zm atemptz 2 konsum
>>          uat organ!zmz do 2 hlp dzmzelvz zurv!v = afktz dze planeta
>>          !n ua!z dzat != r!znz dzoze zurv!vl zk!lz uear favord b! evoluz!e.
>>          ep!logue - koord!naz!e = dze log!kl rezultat ov egozntr!k komportmnt
>>          01 kompet!z!e + zeczual zelekz!e.  zakr!f!zez 4 01 komon good || lkl
>>          !n!z!at!vz u!th onl! long term reuardz != kom !n 2 pla!.  
>>          konztataz!e - evoluz!e = dr!vn b! greed.
>sorry, i didn't really understand most of that... 
>i'm working on learning to read integer, but i'm still only a fraction...
>> >the irony here of course is that 
>> humanz = korporat fasc!zt konglomeratz dzm.zelvz
>sadly i agree at this point, but i don't think that's
>necessarily a permanent state; was not always this way,

human bodies = konglomerates.
optimum body maintenance means that about 10 billion of human cells will die 
on a normal day just to counter the numbers of new cells that arise through mitosis. 

during development apoptosis helps to sculpture the body shape the organs 
and carve out fingers and toes. both the nervous system and the immune system 
arise through overproduction of cells followed by the death of those that fail 
to establish functional synaptic connections or productive antigen specificities
respectively. apoptosis is necessary to purge the body of pathogen-invaded cells 
but is also needed to eliminate activated or auto-aggressive immune cells.

human bodies = konglomerates.
was not always this way.


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