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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-insect_

gimmick-body of the ants that soul awakes the over there of the pupil of a
girl while my room where beats was risked to the cold chromosome of the
artificial-sun....war despair that the zero that the buffoonery of the color
cell of the murder range fear of the heart that the dog of ADAM thinks about
record overflow my 1milligram of murder-machine gradually....i
forget++rhythm++blue rhythm++color of the instantaneous atmosphere of the
spring disillusionment of the mirror that the virtual image of the boy that
replicant-consciousness splits kill each other inheriteds
brain does the cadaver city of upside-down to the end of the disgrace
drugy_decay of an embryo play "i saw the cloud of the reproduction-gland!"
fantasy-organ of the callous footprint electron of the blue sky=replicant of
the womb splits of ADAM causes the mass of flesh of immortality to
the interior of the womb of the desert that does sleepwalking to the
labyrinth that creates the cracking of the clone-boy "my sun that was
betrayed danced is disillusioned at the earth of the thyroid where
ADAM=clone made

Kenji Siratori

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