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[Nettime-bold] World Wide Loom

"The analytical engine weaves algebraic patterns as the Jacquard loom weaves
flowers and leaves," wrote Lady Ada Lovelace describing Charles Babbage's
first mathematical calculator.

The latest explication of this statement is an Australian touring exhibition
Loom. Loom features new developments in weaving technologies. These include
technical developments in the software interface as well as conceptual
innovations in the post-human arts.

The exhibition features:
* Paul Brown's digital prints designed with algorhythmic software
* Jennifer Robertson's native floral designs using doublecloth technique
with computerised loom (complex multi-shaft weaving)
* Dave Sag's virtual loom designed in JavaSpace with chat rooms
* Gwendolyn Zierdt's Deep Blue series of weavings in strip-woven technique
depicting Kasaparov's loss to IBM in chess

The web site maintains a database World Wide Loom that includes cases where
weaving is used as a metaphor for the formation of the world. This includes
both pre-modern cosmologies as well as contemporary theories such as string


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