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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-Excavation#9

body=fluid that a cell beats is frozen the blue of the sky begins to beat in
no time and the embryo of the skinhead digests the sun of asphalt....ADAM
break down the virtual image of a boy! the dog of road caused to swell out
the hot-air balloon of a cadaver! laughing....cause the artificial corrosion
of the sun to her secret worn i commit suicide++i shed the replicant- tears
to the despair machine of the hell of the cell that the dream of the murder
of the chromosome that the pupil passes begin to walk_iteration_birth that
the infinity that the murderous-intention does rhythm blink goes to
ruin...."she is not and the negative throb, soul swing and the deadlock,
body of the atomism of fate [

]a sponge form miracle.

Kenji Siratori

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