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akt!vat mono.ton.sem!ton.ton.

>Is the presentation you gave at IRCAM, and whose text you made
>available, the same as the one you made here in Rotterdam? 



>I would say

yes pl ease

>although bad acoustics made it impossible for me to follow your
>words - and the images were mesmerizing enough. 

yes plea se

>Tough stuff. Fractal stuff. Takes time to digest. But makes its good
>share of sense. Not knowing enough of the interoperativity of NATO I
>cannot see in which way did the theories eventually become a concrete
>application. If it's in my path, I will be able to gain the necessary
>insight in due time. 
>But it is on one phrase that my attention got hooked:
>To foster creativity organizationz e.g. Ircam must be willing to take
>risks and tolerate failure, They must shield creative individuals from
>forces which discourage creativity, provide an environment which
>permits creative individuals to pursue ideas of interest, _and provide
>ample resources for doing so.
>True, true, T*R*U*E!! 


v!raj zekret. plz akt!vat bosch headl!ghtz
dze human m9nd = 01 `kolekz!e` ov komplks adaptaz!onz
m! handz = u!tr dzn urz. ! = ut!l!sz ultra lux.

>But then why does this not happen?


dze pr!nz!pl !nput 2 dze human bra!n = dze human bra!n

>organizationz seem to not give a thing for creativity - unless, that
>is, creativity mutates itself into banknotes. And then, only after
>this has been proved. 

nn - r!ch.bored.edukatd

>My world vision 

!.ve bought u d!esz. uear dzm.

>tells me that every individual has her/his quota of
>creativity with which to bless our Earth and its multitudes. And that
>s/he receives in exchange a dull life when s/he is lazy & does not
>pull out the stuff. So, that is the usual #1 evil, laziness.

med!okre zrv!l pur!tanz
dze ztate = dze merc!lesz heart ov dze church.

all progresz takez plasz at dze per!fer!

v2 = ztealz 4rom dze poor + g!vz 2 dze domezt!katd.
d!sz = 01 m!ztajk. + perm!tz nn 2 outper4m v2.

>But to transform your creativity into a roof over your head, and some
>good food for your stomach, is neither automatic nor easy. 

du = 01 ultra l!terar! t!p.
ma! perusz - dze var!az!on ov an!malz + plantz undr domezt!kaz!on

>The 38
>hours per week that I spend inside V2_ 

d!on!z!an +?

>have so little of the sacred
>fire of creative software writing (not to speak of the photographs of
>my free time), and so much of the day-to-day bore of
>at-last-it's-6-I-can-leave. And your bosses make compromises. The flag
>of the Ideal is used to blow somebody's nose.
>The 38
>hours per week that I spend inside V2_ have so little of the sacred
>fire of creative software writing 

______      kome pla! u!th m!. !.ll pa! u handzoml!.

s!    ______ ....... 

the principle here is not simply to study 
full time - it is to study. live. work. + travel 
simultaneously and multidimensionally.

>When an individual decides s/he wants to contribute to the Earth's
>wellbeing, why does not a clearly indicated path appear with blinking
>arrows? THAT IS THE WAY that I, your Mother Earth, *know* you can
>apply your skills and individuality to alleviate my too many pains and
>blessures. Scratch here... a bit more up, nooo... to the right,
>downdowndown...  Aaaaahh THERE!!!
>Well, in your experience, is it possible? 

nn haz ultra demonztratd = 0+0 konglomeratez kan kompet avec 01.
I UANT. YES PL EASE!!!. dez!r !f trul! v!tal refuzez !tzccelv 0+0

>And also, to bypass the
>cocacolas of the universe? *Not* to fight them, 

korporat uarfare macht ultra gluckl!ch + fre!
!= advansz!ng. = retreat!ng !n ur d!rekz!on.

>you put yourself at
>their level if you do 

!f 01 = komputz komme ca = 01 komme ca deja

dze m!l!tar! order put an end 2 dze mala!zez dzat korezpondd 2 an 
org! ov konzumpt!on. !t organ!zd 01 raz!onl uze ov forsez 4 dze konztant !nkreasz
ov pouer. dze method!kl zp!r!t ov konkuezt = kontrar! 2 dze zp!r!t ov zakr!f!sz
+ dze m!l!tar! k!ngz rejektd zakr!f!sz 4rom dze beg. dze pr!nz!pl ov m!l!tar!
ordr = dze method!kl d!verz!on ov v!olensz 2 dze outz!de. !f v!olensz ragez u!th!n
!t oposez dzat v!olensz 2 dze ekstent !t kan. + !t zubord!natez dze d!verz!on
2 01 real end. !t doez tzo !n 01 generl ua!. dusz dze m!l!tar! ordr = kontrar!
2 dze 4rmz ov zpektaklr v!olenza dzat koreszpond > 2 01 unbr!dld eksploz!e 
ov fur! dzn 2 dze raz!onl kalkulaz!e ov efekt!nesz.

!t no lngr a!mz at dze greatezt ekspend!tr ov forsez az an arka!k soz!al z!ztem 
d!d !n uarfare + fezt!vlz. dze ekspend!tr ov forsez kont!nuez abr !t = zubjektd 
2 01 pr!nz!pl ov max!mum y!eld - !f dze forsez = zpent !t = u!th 01 v!eu ov aku!z!z!e 
ov greatr forsez. arka!k zoz!et! konf!nd !tzselv !n uarfare 2 dze round!ng ov zlavez. 
!n keep!ng u!th !tz pr!nz!plz - !t kould kompenzate 4 dzeze aku!z!z!onz b! meanz ov 
r!tual zlaughtrz. dze m!l!tar! order organ!zez dze y!eld ov uarz !n 2 zlavez + dzat 
ov zlavez !n 2 labor. !t makex konkuezt 01 method!kl operaz!e
4 dze grouth ov 01 emp!re. 

>(the Seattle masses, the fancy WTO protestors
>are tools in their same hands).

on dze var!ouz kontr!vnsez b! u!ch orch!dz = fert!l!szd b! !nzekts

>the Seattle masses

travel!ng z!rkuz

>WTO protestors

soz!al zuarmz ov robotz

>Just to bypass, 


>to happily ignore them

2 dezelkt dzm

>while leading a life full of wonders just the same. 

full ov pa!nt. !n 0+2 ! = make spasz 4 01 neu + !mprovd generaz!e.

>For me, in
>*theory*, it has to be. In practice, sometimes I feel so uncertain...

uh! arent malez chooz!er +?
uh! arent emplo!eez choz!er +?


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


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