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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-the word-spirit of murder

room of the pupil where my brain expands the wing to the blood vessel like
the glass that goes up and down to the murderous intention of her body=fluid
does, drug-organ of an embryo is inhabiting and the hearing of
the fatalities is split and the beat dances to darkness....beat witnesses
the asphalt of her cadaver++null++"nerve walks to acrobatic and the hell of
a cell reproduces the masses of flesh of zero....our chromosome fuses to the
love of a clone and cause to lurk boundless truth in the catastrophic sun of
a larva....regeneration-impossible++be covered with saliva....cadaver
whispers_queer voice of the soul that is replicating the clonic end of ADAM
her self it is covered the disgrace of an embryo and that intoxication_"yet
be not born resuscitation continues. the eternal ovarium that recured to
zero....perception from her storage that pretended the threat++the basement
of the sun where is not able to return with twice is respired."--my
body=fluid was recovered in the reverse side in the moon--her love was
stitching the infinite pupil of the butterfly to the soul of the embryo that
thinks about the fly of the catastroph--

Kenji Siratori

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