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[Nettime-bold] Salvaggio is Gone: Eryk's off this list and every other

News flash:

Eryk told me he has quit netart indefinitely.  Food for thought.  Fred, did 
you get my tape yet?  I sent it three weeks ago.  Anyone know on this list if 
it's possible to kill a Geocities site?  Maybe mine is just broken.  Bob 
Pollard of Guided by Voices is my newest celebrity fan.  Write him via his 
site.  Also write Mike Watt, LA punk lion, he's seen my newest release 
Jockbuster.  Also write Christiane Paul and ask her what i did in New York.  
Also write Colin Hill at 20/20 NYNY via snail mail and ask him what he 
thought of the First Edition.  Mriver, maybe you could comment on the NY 
world's feelings about me if any.  Translate the words "make a party" into 
normal language.  contact chris Mars, ex-musician and web publisher, about 
Max Herman at www.chrismarspublishing.com.

Translate the words "downbackers caveat" into every language on earth, past 
and present.  Fax Gov. Jesse Ventura re Genius 2000 at 651-296-0674.  Snail 
mail Jonas Mekas re Genius 2000 at Anthology Film Archives and be very polite 
or I'll be annoyed.  Find out if http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000 has 
been destroyed and if anyone cares.  Contribute to ongoing work by sending 
snailmail papers or VHS (no disks pleasez vous) to Nickolas Herman, P.O. Box 
14443, Minneapolis, MN 55414 USA and confirm by email to nmherman@aol.com.

Email the following about Genius 2000:  alex@rhizome.org, mark@rhizome.org, 
fmadre@wanadoo.fr, integer@www.god-emil.dk, mccoy@earthlink.net, 
mirapaul@nytimes.com, nettime-l@bbs.thing.net, director@sfmoma.org, 
steve.dietz@walkerart.org, twincitieslist@worldnet.att.net, 

Also, absent my geocities site, activity is on my egroups lists: 

Happy new year,

Max Herman

PS--anyone who wants to help keep Genius 2000 viable for the next six weeks 
please contact me.  financials very attractive so feather yourself now.

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