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Havanna Biennale 2000-11-23
And the architect said I will ask people who live with their parents what 
they would like their dream house to be and she made collage/ paintings from 
images from magazines in geometric patterns so that they ordered the vast 
number of pictures that we see everyday into an eye-confusing whole that 
shimmers and he took leaves and wood and stuff and made figures sitting on 
deckchairs in a circle and tied 3 living pigeons with nylon thread under 
them and he recorded shamanistic dancing in replication of their religion 
and she recorded accounts of sightings of aliens from across the globe and 
played them all at once but being hung up on the myth of the artist she made 
few friends in Cuba though the voices spoke in many languages from speakers 
suspended from the ceiling and he played around in photoshop to make water 
towers look like UFO’s floating over this city and she said all I care about 
is my son and Castro shut our café and now we sell manais (peanuts) on the 
street and these are my parents after we had climbed three flights of unlit 
stairs and their fridge was broken and he said ‘Art is a misrepresentation 
of the soul’ and they said ‘welcome to Havana, our city is beautiful’ and he 
made a mirror to walk on which reflected the patterns from a film played 
overhead and called it ‘Pozo donde todo se para’ and he made an animation of 
grotesque shadow figures cavorting in line and Nelson Mandela said BE NICE 
Convent they display a large photograph of Fidel Castro meeting the Pope 
with the very chairs they sat on and he said it was not an installation, it 
was not art  but he took a photograph of it when I did and Kcho builds boats 
that are not boats and bottles that are bottles but he’s getting a bit slick 
and his ship is beginning to sink and she has a pirate radio station set up 
on the tallest building in Mexico City and  Al Capone said ALL I EVER DID 
WAS SUPPLY A DEMAND and Mother Theresa said GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS but on a 
poster it reads NOTHING IN EXCESS< EVERYTHING IN MEASURE and he x-rayed his 
hand and recorded a sound track of scratching and scratching as the bones 
held a pen and moved across the page as the woman sang a song of ancestors 
the man ate a local narcotic which made him hallucinate a wooden hut baking 
hot inside and made him see RED and made him a fashion designer for carnival 
and made her take photographs in Che Guevara’s office, perfectly preserved 
with his tooth extractor and his gun and the illegal lobster cost $26 as the 
transvestites danced in the Fiat Café and the French performance artists who 
were not performing at the exposition but liked their work to be called 
‘body art’ but were uncertain that it was ‘now’ enough searched for a taxi 
on the dusty road outside the castle and the curator in the hotel bar said 
no one star has emerged so far, the fetishists have stolen all the spaces, 
tied them up with rope and made voodoo dolls, stuffed birds with cuddly, 
furry faces but one stone balanced by a bouncing line of rope round all the 
walls was ‘kinda cool’ and then they took over an empty space for a ‘Window 
onto Venus’  and filled it quietly with secret things and the secret cross 
high on the wall dripped sand onto the flowers and white aeroplanes glided 
in the Plaza Vieja, tied up with parcel tape by the third day but still 
flying, we survive by bricolage said the curator excluded from all events 
because of his politics in his garden and FAX MACHINES ARE DANGEROUS and I 
pay a guy who has an illegal server to transmit and receive my e-mail and 
they use a fear of losing human contact to justify the loss of human contact 
and they made bread in the shape of a crocodile and sold mock broken tools 
fixed with band-aids as they tried to accommodate 1500 Americans in one week 
just to see the Biennale and the dance students practiced to Salsa drummers 
in a building like a lost temple in the jungle on the best golf course in 
Latin America and the Caribbean as the art student killed a goat as part of 
a performance – the bastard - and the performance artist washed his mouth 
out with soap and God said THOU SHALT NOT KILL and Nietzsche said GOD IS 
DEAD and Brains from Thunderbirds laid the pattern of his bedroom floor at 
the entrance to the Creative Arts School and the Iconoclasts walked all over 
it but the Iconophiles bought everything at the art auction and if all the 
dead guys could get together in La Bar Florentina – Hemingway, Che Guevara, 
Wilfredo Lam, Jose Marti, Basquiat, God, would they say WELL DONE, HAVE A 

PS - apologies for not replying for so long, have had no access to e-mail - 
see above.  Bit confused but i welcome genius 2000 and the question is not 
trivial.  Art can be a real fucker.

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