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>From: icmc2000 chair
>Dear Netochka,


> might wish to consider 
>that the tradition of celebrating a harvest festival 


I think that we have entered on new level of understanding of `harvest festival`.
Purchasing mutilated and tortured life forms naturally high in serotonin and dopamine
in the new and improved Treblinka.

>Your response was predictable, 


>which is unfortunate. You are surely aware 

that whatever the brain looks at is really about 20% 
of signals from the outside world and 80% of old templates, 
filters, memories and beliefs about the world. 

>that entertainment value is inversely proportional to predictability. 

Velocity vector flow-fields no?

>If entertainment value sinks, then people get bored. 

Do you agree? 

>And if people become 
>bored... no one will care about Netochka. That is the last thing I would 
>wish to see happen.

First, let's provide some context.
It is pleasant for me, that my letters have found the response and benefit
for you. Congratulations.


You want a Reward? What next!


To continue...

>PS and by the way: would you care to comment on the main body of my 
>previous query?

I regret that I am not familiar with the main body of your
previous query, to which you refer. :-(

I am so sorry.  My link to the SSa page didn't seem to work. Here is the web

I already more than 3 years apply the methods.
The results of application of these theorems confirm their

I think, that the received results give powerful basis for practical

I know how to carry out research to receive the precise and
unequivocal answer to the question from irrigation to tears.

I shall get acquainted with huge interest.



Netochka Nezvanova   - simply SUPERIOR
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