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[Nettime-bold] : Special Issue on Public Health

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>'s Partha Sarkar <> of Bangladesh
announces that the site now carries its seventh issue online.
It's a special issue on public health. Zunaira Durrani <>
in Karachi has specially worked on this subject. Some items include:
* Cyber aid to help Third World doctors
* Website on malaria and on dengu fever
* Health information for development
* 'Health training' now available online
* Specialised software for doctors
* South Asian public health forum discussion group
* DOThealth: A new top-level domain?
* Virtual varsity planned for medical professionals
* EC/Unfpa initiative on reproductive health in Asia
* Healthdev: A global health information exchange platform
* Website on positive lives exhibition in Bangladesh
* Life-saving blood online
* Telemedicine introduced in Nepal
* Online arsenic crisis information center
* Health-care reform program in Bhutan
* Pakistan's kidney patients association online
* E-mail is emerging as key component of telemedicine infrastructure
* Malaria surveillance software
* Global reproductive health forum in South Asia
* Bangladesh Shishu Hospital online, etc... etc...
* Health goes digital: telemedicine
* Connected to George Gellert, CEO of The WebMD
* Introduction to Telemedicine...
PS: is a people-to-people online experiement at
collaborative between South Asia (currently connecting India,
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka), to see how the
experiences gained in the field of IT can be shared for everyone's
benefit. If you'd like to join our mailing-list (for free), write to with the words 'SUBSCRIBE BfA' in the subject.
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