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saw humankind's dysfunction as part of its
preoccupation with symbols and language. As a result of our growing
dependence on the word and the habit of objectification, people have come to
deal with themselves and each other as symbols and objects ­ rather than
living, reactive bodies. Each of us is primarily concerned with our own
self-image ­ with what Burrow called the "I" persona. This "I" is a separative
sense of self that sets individual interests and concerns against those of others
and the wider community.

A crucial aspect of the "I" is its assumption of the rightness of its beliefs.
Due to inherent factors and the process of socialization, there arise in each
child precepts of "right" and "wrong" that are not supported by verifiable
experience. Certain beliefs and values become a central feature of onešs
identity: I belong to the only true Church; I belong to a superior race, and to
the best political party; "I know the right way to raise children; I wear the
right clothes, drive the right car, listen to the right music; and so on, ad
infinitum. The "I," this entity that each individual comes to experience as
himself or herself, has assumed an autocratic dictatorship over the attitude and
behavior of us all.

   I U A N T !!!!

"My" private gain versus "your" private gain is now the
    unconscious motive of every one of us.

         G ! V E ! T 2 M E G ! V E ! T 2 M E
         ! TZ M ! N E 

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