Julian Sanchez on 22 Nov 2000 10:53:36 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Fascist vs. Fascist

> Generally in Europe it's preferable to have laws against everything
> fascist, because there are fascists behind every bush and the only viable
> solution is to force them to stay there, otherwise they come out into the
> public space and start ordering you around.

> demonstrations go on dreaming of a stateless world. I dream of a world
> where the state knows that it always has to reckon with vigilant
> communities and individuals.

   I just got a chill-- probably the wind generated by Mill spinning in his
grave at an incredible velocity.   Didn't the left at least used to pay some
sort of lip service to the liberal tradition that spawned it?  I always
thought there was rather something to the quaint idea of not allowing the
state to decide which ideas are too dangerous to be uttered, or what images
too dangerous to be displayed in the confidence that you and your buddies
would get to draw up the lists of disfavored ideologies.  I thought the
vigilant and engaged communities touted here were generated by engagement
with hostile ideas and symbols, not abrogation of that responsibility to
state censors.  If Mill's not a hip enough name-drop for nettime, I'm sure
some clever person can make D&G say the same thing.

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