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the sun/body=fluid::i self-destruct to acrobatic-....cell other self
of+++pupil of the girl that the earth fill the red tears who my cyber lonely
embryo scatters the skin of a clone in the high speed desert area where do
the brain of the centipede that split fuck and be suffocated to the blue of
the sky paints the spiral of fear and inherited+++[you do not know
anything]+++the replicant_paradise of the insanity of ants! so murderous
intention of my micro accelerates....causes to entangled the thinking of the
human-genome in infinite despair....because you who you who you do not know
do not know, do not know and be+++[her suicide clones my death. brain of her
zero collects my soul] cosmic desert of the drug-embryo does suck=blood to
the cruel sun of body=fluid
....the ovarium of the artificial-sun that is scattered to her brain
universe that knows/ON::so i do the corpse of the angel that distorted it to
the drugy-speed of birds short....whirling the minute fear of chaos to my
brain the cyber-molecule that spreads in the blue sky of the womb i shed the
blood of the apocalypse to the cold chromosome of her pupil--end of an
embryo proliferates like an ant and sing the sun of zero to the
reproduction-organ of the i the stratosphere of the dogs
that is able to sleep was highlighted in this cadaver city where knows your
eros--a boy/the monochrome earth does noise to the disillusionment of the
larva that is is artless_DNA. emotional particle of the

*death-machine of ADAM is

Kenji Siratori

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