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[Nettime-bold] metabolics#1

FRI 24 NOV 2000 20:00 +0100 (MET)

Live Stream 
and Real Live event in Munich/Germany

Guests: Heath Bunting, Olia Lialina, Manse Jacobi, Ivan Grubanov 
Feat.: DJ Chris de Luca (Funkstoerung)


"Communities" is one of the buzzwords of the digital era. It follows
the idea that people no longer meet merely inside the boundaries of
territories and nationalities, but steered by their preferences in
selforganised communities - independent of spatial limitations. But
what is defining such communities? In what way does the common sense
of the online-world differ from the offline-logic of inclusion and
exclusion? How open are future communities?

METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL #1 presents a diverse range of artistic,
political and cultural projects in which the common sense of future
communities is either already dawning or is broken before time.

- Olia Lialina (Moscow/Munich) <http://will.teleportacia.org> and
Heath Bunting (London) <http://www.irational.org/heath>: Both pioneers
of "net.art" will talk about common projects as the "Identity swap
database" <http://www.teleportacia.org/swap>

- Manse Jacobi (USA): Manse Jacobi has been the technology coordinator
and editor of Free Speech Internet Television
<http://www.freespeech.org>, a non-commercial website which hosts
thousands of progressive and activist audio and video. He co-founded
the Independent Media Center <http://www.indymedia.org> to cover the
Seattle protests during the World Trade Organization meeting last
November and is currently working on setting up a center in Beirut,

- Ivan Grubanov (Pancevo/Belgrad) is part of the team which runs the
online cultural centre "Cyberrex" <http://www.cyberrex.org>. Cyberrex
refers to Cinema REX, probably the most important address for urban
culture, contemporary arts, political and cultural initiatives in
Belgrad until it was shut down by the authorities in april 99. Now
Cyberrex is re-opening again.

METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL is going to present innovative projects and
debates in net.art, .culture and .politics on a monthly basis,
starting from january 2001, in the Muffathalle in Munich. METABOLICS /
STOFFWECHSEL#1 is curated by Florian Schneider, Harald Staun and
Dietmar Lupfer. METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL will be streamed live and
stored in a database.

If you want to be informed regurarily about the program, receive
additional information and take part in ongoing discussions, we invite
you to subscribe to our newsletter: 

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