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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-*RESUSCITATION

my body///the centipede like++sun of the brain of ADAM is burn up the reptic
body=fluid of a chromosome=girl is manufactured to the space that the flood
cyber embryo of an ant was betrayed medium that i was cursed to the
absent-minded vessel of the body menstruation that was replicated is filled
[expand a cell! wolf!+++my cadaver that your hybrid reproduction gland
thinks about fills callous city of++chaos is controlled. desert of the pupil
the machine that the drug-embryo smiles walks::the womb-area where it is
done the replicant of a boy cries to the atmosphere that was able to tear it
the tactile sense that proliferates you and me of artificial insemination
and shout....
the nano-machine of the earth suffocates it cell of ghetto of::a mental
drugy-god that be snarled the nightmare of gravity the sun
proliferates....i who the atmosphere of the chromosome of ADAM refracts it
does the immortal horizon of the cell other self desire.--the artificial-sun
that executes by shooting the dog of soul and suck=blood to the stratosphere
of DNA i awake///the smile thinking of the girl that my insanity murders the
body fluid of the blue sky the dog of ADAM which goes mad the sleepwalking
that runs off the rails blesses the cloning of eve_body=fluid to the
replicants that fear so the murderous intention of your micro imprisons it
to the infinite pupil of a girl chain is broken!! i erase the melody!! cyber
of an angel shakes to the anarchist of the soul who storage melts and it is
infectious [wolf=digest]....
chromosome is released in the outer space of the brain of the girl where my
body=fluid thinks about like the amoeba....::the soul that the machine
commits suicide from the despair of the atomism of ADAM to the pupil of the
sleepwalker that does fuck the dogs which whirl!--fear of the girl that an
ant conceives toward the monochrome murderous intention that the drugy-
other selfs that respire the cadaver-city with a null cell precipitated to
my brain that inherited scatters loose the cell of soul ADAM of the
suck=blood that annihilates and the brain of the embryo that smiles is split
your blue of the sky that incubates the virus of replicant-consciousness

"your cadaver begins to chat....the hand that turned your calculus sings the
"your embryo begins to chat....your drugy sleep sings the secret...."

Kenji Siratori

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