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[Nettime-bold] a.c][alculated][uate~feeding~in~progress

~~~~~~~~~~Nubile Geosensory Space                .here. 

~~~Time][signature][ Modality Not ][Appli][cable            .here. 


[colour base assumed: insertion of colour `8 
 `on the spectrum line scale
 `8 washed wallike structures position~mapped and caught on camera
 `flickering on2 spherical boundaries 
 `renewed and never there
 `sluggish movement detected
 `gelling antipyretics]

[dual forces
  `crouching position of 1
  `mimicked in turn by her sequential other
  `musculatures deployed
  `1 suited in her own fleshed~out beautyload
  `another telegraphed in seduction knots]

[1 is 1
 `2 is 1
 `2 isn't
 `twinned is]

[co.lour `8 is a slight jade emerald tint` coloure 9 is black^holed^sun
co.lure `10 is lit by crimson joules]

[mixed palates
 `one force tactiles 2 the other
 `xtremity scooped in boundless touches
 `surfaces cabled in layered crusts

[1 starves in static
 `devoid of weight
 `evidenced in the subtle sublime
 `an.other feeds it slow portions of lust circuitry morsels]

[crumbling melting rusting drenching opaque contact
`a.c][alculated][uate~feeding~in~progress`spike arrester]


and in another section of the ][geospheric][slice` 
a force bends 2 a shell`
covered in ant][ilepton][s`
a corpse made live by want alone` 
enquiry as 2 it being possible

the shell is partially crushed`
the hand of a wanton god`
r][p][ushed in2 a place of anti-air and rampant earth`

bird an inch away from birth` 
yellowed feathers painted in specialisation fluid`
heart beat null`
resting place in nearby scent~ladened bush



[1 revolve quotient needed here]

.           .    ....         .....
fl][qu][es][t][h h][i.j][acke][t][r             
.... .                  .???  .......

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