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Dear Sirs,

I would like to introduce you to the "Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide" ( This international project is being promoted in Italy by a committee of intellectuals to highlight the experiences of all those men and women of the 20th century who tried to react to crimes against humanity.

Following publication in Italy and Germany of the book "The Man who Stopped Hitler" (some background obtainable from, a number of Italian scholars and writers started discussing the idea of defining the role of the Righteous in the 20th century, in its theoretical as well as practical aspects. This led to the initiative to create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide, along the same criteria followed for the original Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem, where Shoah rescuers are commemorated.

The idea was adopted by the town of Padua, Italy, which is to host the first step of the project, i.e. the International Conference
There is always an option to say “yes” or “no”: the Righteous against the genocides of Armenians and Jews
The conference will be held from November 30 to December 2.
The program  is posted on along with all the related  material, which includes excerpts from Dr. Svetlana
Broz "Good People in  Evil Times" and her proposal of creating a Garden of the Righteous in Sarajevo.

I hope our project is of interest to you and we look forward to hearing your comments.

Best regards,

Gabriele Nissim
Project Coordinator

Padua: Home of the Righteous

Padua: Home of the Righteous
Comune di Padova
Settore Attività Culturali
Via Porciglia 35
35121 Padova, Italy
Tel. +39 049 8204537
Fax +39 049 8204503

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