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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: NATO.0+55 ZKM - SPEkTkl \+\

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> - ty lyub!sh mo!h meme +?

As we go up we go down.  All rare works now two million american.

Is just a lie.

As we go up we go down.

Sharon Stone, New Museum, Sohoguggenheim, Spartacus, Anthology.

This is the first Genius 2000 related post I've read since the big trip to 
New York.  I'm not going to promote myself anymore as an art theorist.  I'm 
going to exclusively promote my band, Spartacus.  Our first album is 
complete.  It can be mailed in one week if you send $100 to me, Nickolas 
Herman, at P.O. Box 14443, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414.  Now I'll be 

Max Herman of Spartacus, speaking on 
The Genius 2000 Network


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