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My name is Jim Stead and I am one of the few who have
managed to make a very comfortable living marketing products
on the Internet.  My methods and techniques have been quoted 
I have marketed everything on the Internet from arthritis releif
products to Information and have made money with

It's no secret that the Internet has very recently developed 
into the hottest marketing medium since television!  Those 
with the skills to take advantage of this new medium are 
starting to make some very serious money.  

It's also true that for every small Internet Business success 
story there are hundreds failing at Web Marketing.  

I AM LIVING PROOF  that with the proper techniques and
information sources at hand anyone can turn the Internet 
into their own  personal GOLD MINE.

Internet Marketing when done successfully can make you more 
money than you dare to dream but it must be learned and 
applied professionally or it will produce nothing but headaches 
and the depletion of your hard earned cash.  

So my offer to you is this. You send me $39 dollars I will mail 
You my E-mail Marketing Kit CD Disk containing the following  
information and software.

*******The Internet Marketing Kit Will Supply You With*******

<> The Internet Marketing Kit E-book Containing the following 

Chapter 1...The Bulk E-mail Handbook
This Section is a complete guide to Bulk mailing, the subject 
content covers, a) How to Make a Fortune With Bulk e-mail 
b) Finding A Product. c) How To Write Killer Sales Letters. 
d) How To Collect Addresses From The Internet and d) The 
Fulfillment Of orders

Chapter 2...How To Make Money With Junk E-mail
A complete overview of techniques used by successful 
Bulk mailers that are making a fortune with Bulk e-mail

Chapter 3...Cloaking (The Truths and Myths About Cloaking Software) 

Chapter 4...$10,000 a week with classifieds
This is For Real!! Pass it up lightly and you'll be making 
one of the biggest mistakes of your life!  If it's big money 
your after take a seat and read this section very carefully.

Chapter 5...How to Write Sales Letters that sell
Chapter 6...How to Write Profitable Classified Ads

Chapter 7...Internet Sites
This section will give you a unparalleled list of Internet 
Sites where you will find the following resources. 
a) A list companies offering bulk mailing services.
b) FREE Internet E-mail accounts.  
c) Bulk E-mail software sites. 
d) A location where you can obtain an Anonymous I.S.P Account. 
e) 50 sites where you can acquire FREE Home Pages.
f.) A site where you can obtain FREE Fax on Demand Services

Chapter 8...250 Free for All Links Pages
A listing of 100 sites that allow you to link your site along with 
a description absolutely FREE.  These 250 are from my own
personal list that I have had the highest response rate.

Chapter 9..1500 Free Places To Advertise
1500 of the best places on the Internet to advertise for FREE.  
here are many more than 1500 free classified ad boards on the 
net, but these are the ones you will get the best response from,
 I use them regularly.

Chapter 10..4000 Places To Promote Your Web Site Need places 
to promote your site, these 4000 sites are the answer to your problem.

<>  The Targeted Direct E-mail Marketing E-Book...This E-Book  
is a STEP by STEP how to advertise your products and services
with direct e-mail effectively.  The nine chapters contained 
in this publication will give you a in depth understanding of 
the following topics.

Chapter 1...The Basics
Chapter 2...The proponents
Chapter 3...The Opponents
Chapter 4...The Dangers
Chapter 5...Collecting Addresses
Chapter 6...The Message
Chapter 7...The Mailing
Chapter 8...The Advertising Process

<>  The Guerilla Web Promotion and Marketing E-Book...This 
E-Book will teach you every trick known about How to Work The 
Web For Tons of Free Publicity and Promotion.

<>  As if this wasn't enough, hold on to your seat, I am even going to 
give you absolutely FREE the following software:

This is a fully functional program not a crippled demo.  Now
you can take payment from your customers by Fax, Phone or E-mail
simply by taking their Checking account information. 

2.) A copy of smtp lookup software that will find you foreign mail
servers you can use to send your mail completely undetected.  This
Software will test mail through hundreds of servers an hour.  I will even
Supply you with a list of 16000 foreign domains to insert into your testing.

And I will throw in 500,000 Fresh E-mail addresses. If you are selling 
a product or service these are the addresses you want.

SPECIAL BONUS if you order your CD By 11/30/00 I will supply you
with a copy of E-mail Software you can use to send your message
to millions and a copy of E-mail list extracting software you can use to
extract E-mail Addresses from all over the Internet. 

Just mail your check or money order made out to :

P.O. Box 3612
Blue Jay, California 92317


Just print and fax the order form at the bottom of this page
with your payment of $39 and as  soon as I receive it I will 
mail you the most powerful Internet Marketing kit that has 
ever been made available. Just make out your check 
for $39 payable to Financipation and write void across the 
face then tape or glue it to the order form at the bottom of 
this page and you will have your E-mail Marketing Information 
Kit mailed the same day.  Fax all orders to (909) 337-9493

Yes send me a copy of your E-mail Marketing Information Kit. 
I understand that if I am not completely satisfied I will have the 
total purchase price of $39 refunded to me upon request  within 
30 days from purchase. 




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