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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> French Big Brother Awards 2000 !


Voltaire has been kind enough to let people use his name for ages.
Remember Cabaret Voltaire,  Volta mètre, Volpone and Vol upon a cucuu nest.

Voltaire should have right to express imself but unfortunatly he ... hey
you ! get out of my house !!!!!
but, ........ gnargled !
what the hell ......

aaaaaaaarghhhhhhh !


Ronda Hauben a *crit :
> Jmm <> wrote:
> >'lo-o,
> >> So I was surprised to see that there are Voltaire awards being
> >> given, but not for defending the right to free speech, but rather
> >> for defending "privacy".
>       >"any discussion to freedom of expression regards privacy, and
>       >vice versa, it's a condition of human rights that they are
>       >equal".
> I wasn't commenting that it was a problem giving an award regarding
> privacy, but was surprised that the name of the award had to do with
> Voltaire and Orwell.
> In my experience Voltaire and Orwell have come to symbolize the importance
> of the defense of the right to express diverse opinions, even when they
> are unpopular.
> And in the pressure of the commercial thrust against the founding culture
> of the Internet, there is ever more of a need to support the right of
> unpopular views to have an airing, as the commercial entities who are
> trying to take over the control of content are not happy with the online
> populace have a means to have their voices heard.
> The principle governing early Usenet was the Voltaire principle "Though I
> may disagree with what you say I will dual to the death to defend your
> right to say it."
> This, too, needs its champions today more than ever.
> In the wake of ICANN and the effort of the US government to try to pass
> vital public policy making issues and public property to a private entity,
> there is an ever more vital need to find a way to protect the public's
> right to speak and public property.
> With best wishes
> Ronda
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