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[Nettime-bold] For Immediate Release: Artemisia Gallery December

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December Exhibition
Show Dates: November 30th  to December 30th
Opening Reception: Friday, December 1st, 5-8 PM

Special Events:
Saturday, December 2nd 8PM Minutia
Boston invented instrument improvisor Seth Cluett joins Carol Genetti,
Jerome Bryerton, Andrea Polli, and Jack Wright in an evening of
improvised music.   Cluett's pieces exploit the minutia of sonic and
visual material, focusing on the interaction between the environment and
the audience/performer/artist.   His work has been performed at the ICA
in Boston, Mobius Artist Space, Revolving Museum, IRCAM, Engine 27
Gallery, and the Electronic Arts Performance Series at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute.   His sound work is a slow, live exploration of
the sonic qualities of various objects.

Sunday, December 3rd  4PM Not For Sale: Feminism and Art in the USA
During the 1970's
Laura Cottingham's landmark video essay that showcases images and rare
footage of early feminist events in the Women's Art Movement.  The
images and file clips are unavailable anywhere else.  Included are
Womanhouse and the Feminist Studio Workshop and the 1968 Miss America
pageant protest which publicly kicked off the feminist movement and was
the genesis of the erroneous "bra-burning" media reports.  Sponsored by
the Chicago Women's Caucus for the Arts.

Main Gallery: Marji Vecchio
Vecchio's work is about the stress and pleasure that surrounds vague
familiarity.  She explores through the photogram process in the
darkroom, the two dimensional record of the three dimensional object.
Her large scale color prints "ache with absence," says New City
photography critic Michael Weinstein.  Vecchio has just completed her
MFA at Bard College and has exhibited, lectured, and curated shows
throughout the US and abroad.

Gallery A: Nora Delaney Memory Places
Delaney's evocative work in photography explores the photograph as a
record of a both specific and metaphoric memory.  Over the past two
years, Delaney has gone back to the places she went as a child to
re-trace the memories of childhood.  Her dream-like Iris prints from
polaroids combine the photographic process with the material and capture
a recollection rather than reality.  Delaney is a member of the faculty
of the Evanston Art Center and will show work in an exhibition called
'The Spiritual Moment' in New York City in February.

Gallery B: Christian Ricco
Ricco's oil paintings on panel explore the themes of mortality and time
as evidenced in the sequences; and of light as a vehicle to expose the
nuances of form.  Ricco speaks of mortality in life and immortality in
painting through the use of antiquated techniques.  Ricco is a member of
the faculty at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the Milwaukee
Institute of Art and Design.

Gallery C: Kosmos Ballis
Ballis' abstract expressionist work in ceramics intentionally ties the
field of ceramic sculpture to painting through process.  The ceramic
'bouquets' at first appear chaotic, but upon close examination reveal a
sophisticated system of balance.  Ballis has exhibited throughout
Florida, Missouri, Georgia, California, and Texas.

Gallery D: Lynn Tomaszewski Maps and Schemata Based on the C. Elegans
Milwaukee artist and Associate Member Tomaszewski works toward the
"pssession of a sophisticated concept of self."  Through a variety of
investigations that in process seem more scientific than artistic, she
arrives at installations both beautiful and conceptual.  This exhibition
features recent work based on the question of identity and the human
genome project.

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