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[Nettime-bold] is the internet enough?

last month the editors from enculturation invited me to a week-long 
e-mail interview... below are some excerpts from the exchange as well 
as the URL for the full text.


davidRieder -> How or where do you situate your work as a media artist?
... who are your audiences ...

i situate my work in overlapping, sometimes contradictory spaces-- 
both ideological and physical. my work has crossed over from old 
media to new, private space to public-- interweaving techno-theory 
with feminist perspectives concerning subjectivity.

< ... >

this work marks a struggle for me in the representation of female 
subjectivity as fully expressed or even acknowledged by the other. my 
ambivalence as to whether technology, either as an artistic tool or a 
social construction, will drown out our voices or be used to amplify 
them is evident here.

< ... >

while working with individual audio files i proceed to cut and paste 
their responses into a new document, creating an aural dialogue that 
simulates a
conversation that could easily occur in a CU chat room. the result 
becomes a self-reflexive dialog which articulates the nuances of 
living in a society
obsessed with technology. will these contemporary technological 
advancements in communications brings us closer together or in 
contrast, pull us further apart?

< ... >

ultimately, i think that feminist artists will always be criticized 
especially by other feminists for not being or doing enough for 
feminism. we will always be thought of as lacking in our 
effectiveness in bringing the feminist project forward in the public 
sphere, irregardless of our own economically impoverished state.

< ... >

have you ever tried to "reach" someone with a cell phone? always 
available never accessible. trying to make contact with absence seems 
to be the name of the game these days. underscoring our failed 
attempts to communicate.

once a connection has been established, bits and pieces of words 
dropping out are barely heard dispersed between gaps of silence and 
strange echo's... the texture of the technology appears to make a 
stronger statement than it's user.

technology has taken center stage and we are just the audience here. 
caught up in some kind of illusion of connectivity.

is the apparatus to blame for our communication breakdowns, or are we?

< ... >

for one, as an artist "this emergence" has opened up my work to an 
audience that may never be exposed to my ideas in any other situation 
precisely because the internet appears to be more democratic than 
traditional art world structures. through this medium i have emerged 
as an artist situating myself amongst my peers positioned on a global 
scale. within this context i have been a part of an on-going, 
unfolding dialog which is just as crucial to the development of my 
work as it's distribution.

< ... >

is the internet enough?

this remains to be seen. an unfinished work, an unanswered question.


>Enculturation's issue 3.1, "Post-Digital Studies" is now online!
>Editors, David Rieder and Matthew Levy
>Listed below ->
>         1. Featured articles/projects
>         2. Featured media artist
>         3. Reviews
>T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
>1. Featured articles/projects in this issue ->
>_Temporal Reconfigurations in Kubrick's 2001_
>Colette Balmain
>_The Question Concerning Humanity: Obsolete Bodies and (Post)Digital
>Bernd Herzogenrath
>_Yoishiro Kawaguchi's Mutation and Cell: A Study of Form in 3D Computer
>Ted Kafala
>_The Dream of the Mechanical Brain: The Rise and Fall of AI_
>Herbert G. Klein
>_The Dusk of the Digital is the Dawn of the Virtual_
>Andrew Murphie
>_Cyberpunk: Liminal Space Cadets_
>Edrie Sobstyl
>_Web Radio, Community, and Streaming Capitalism_
>Thomas Swiss and Andrew Herman
>_Y2K: Apocalyptic Opportunism_
>Andrea Hoplight Tapia
>_Redefining Bioinformatics: A Critical Analysis of Technoscientific
>Eugene Thacker
>2. Featured media artist ->
>Tina LaPorta, NYC
>3. Reviews ->
>_Andrew Herman's and Thomas Swiss' The World Wide Web and Contemporary
>Ben Agger
>_Kevin Kelly's Out of Control: Is the flag waving? or the wind? ... or the
>Richard Thieme
>Enculturation: A Journal for Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
>ISSN: 1525-3120


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