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[Nettime-bold] transcinema 00 \ massively superb and contrapuntal meme pollination apparatus

>I would be very happy to include some sort of "built with nato modular -
>ultra elegant, massively superb and contrapuntal meme pollination apparatus
>and ideal complement for the ultra sanitary mammalian expression system"
>blurb in clear view next to the piece in return for this favor.  or whatever
>blurb you like.

nato.0+55 me 2 |  = juzt luvl!

Transcinema 00

November 24-26.  Here Art Center, 145 6th Ave., New York.    [mm \ zol+

8:30 pm, 12:00 am
[see schedule below or website for specific times/dates]

Test: (SF)
Benton-C Bainbridge (NYC)
Madame Chao (NYC)
Basic Ray (NYC)
Jeremy Bernstein-  Kurt Ralske (NYC)
Zipper Spy (NYC)

Fri, Nov 24 5:00 pm
Shorts from Transcinema 1,2

Sat, Nov 25 5:00 pm
Short film and video program sponsored by Ifilm

Sun, Nov 26 5:00 pm
Short film and video program sponsored by Ifilm

open daily from 1:00 pm and during all performances/screenings

altzero by squid soup (London)
PlanarVideo by Coin Operated (Jonah Brucker-Cohen) (NYC)
"Dilute! Dilute! Dilute!" by Joshua Goldberg (NYC)
Sunset - an internet art project by Pall Thayer (Iceland)
Video Hoookah - Adam Chao (NYC)
Box #6 by Sarah Teitler  (NYC)
Growing up Now by Antony  Widoff (Hudson)
Synesthesia by John Plenge and Helen Beekman (NYC)

Press Screening + opening party
Tuesday, Nov 21, 8:30 pm

Sunday, Nov 26, 5:00 pm
discussion w/ artists etc



October 26, 2000

TRANScINEMA 00.  Festival of e-media.

blasthaus gallery, 3feetofftheground and 7hz present TRANSCINEMA 00,
the third annual electronic media festival featuring film screenings
and performances November 24, 25 and 26th at HERE Art Center, 145 6th
Avenue in New York City. Each year TRANSCINEMA brings together
interdisciplinary artists from around the world exploring the cutting
edge of technology and experiential art with live performances,
interactive installations, screenings and a panel discussion.

blasthaus director William Linn describes this year's program as "an
intense exploration into the realm of new media performance, from
lo-tech to hyper-tech. It is a rare chance to catch some of the
international rising stars of this burgeoning new movement within the
electronic arts."  TRANSCINEMA provides a platform for new and unique
visions of modern technology and culture and how they interact and
affect each other. "The explosion of digital technology in our
everyday lives has brought a new wave of artistic thinkers who have
been inspired to attack the digital canvas. Transcinema will showcase
those who have re-engineered modern and not-so-modern electronics,"
says Gregory Cowley of the Test: project.

Three nights of audio and visual performances feature artists using
time-based media in real-time performance. Collectively, these
performers represent a videokinetic body of work that attempts to
fuse the often separate notions of cinema and performance, sound and
image, environment and spectacle, reflection and experience. Some of
the featured performers include: Test: who merges new control systems
with old slide projector technology to a create stop-motion,
Muybridge-esque, sub-cinematic, immersive environment. Madame Chao
who creates hyper-kung-fu collages of psychedelic patterns and
Samurai movie slices.  basicray who slides viewers through hyper
modern 3-D landscapes. Kurt Ralske and Jeremy Bernstein who use the
latest, state of the art software - Max, MSP and Nato.0+55 - to
fracture video and audio into entirely new forms.

Throughout the three-day festival, interactive installations will be
displayed utilizing new technologies. Featured are works which take
advantage of web-based and streaming media, live remote video, and
user-driven interactive input. These installations blow apart the
boring paradigm of computer monitor and mouse-clicking which usually
passes for "interactive". Squid Soup's altzero creates an ongoing
collective composition driven by users worldwide as they navigate
through 3-D environments. B.O.L.T. links us to our technological
near-past with appropriated obsolete video games. Pall Thayer's
Sunset presents an ongoing live sunset as viewed from remote
locations from around the world. Coin-operated gives us a user
controlled, remapped video fly-through of the festival in-progress.

Transcinema also features daily screenings of films, videos and
computer works from young, cutting-edge digital filmmakers and
tech-artists from around the world. For more specific program
information and tickets, visit Direct all press
inquiries to


TRANScINEMA 00 will take place Nov 24-26 at the Here Art Center
located at 145 6th Ave., New York.

Tuesday, Nov 21

8:30 pm.
Special press preview

Friday,  Nov 24

5:00 pm, Matinee - Transcinema 1/2, short videos and films.

8:30 pm, Perfomances by
Test: (SF)
Madame Chao (NYC)
Jeremy Bernstein-  Kurt Ralske (NYC)

12:00 am Performances by
Test: (SF)
Madame Chao (NYC)
Basic Ray (NYC)
Jeremy Bernstein-  Kurt Ralske (NYC) + Zipper Spy (NYC)

Saturday,  Nov 25

5:00 pm, Matinee - Ifilm program, short videos and films.

8:30 pm, Perfomances by
Test: (SF)
Benton-C Bainbridge (NYC)
Zipper Spy (NYC)

12:00 am Performances
Test: (SF)
Stackable Thumb (NYC)
Zipper Spy (NYC) + Jeremy Bernstein - Kurt Ralske (NYC)
Basic Ray (NYC)

Sunday,  Nov 26

5:00 pm Symposium
visit with the artists

8:30 pm, Perfomances
Test: (SF)
Basic Ray (NYC)
Madame Chao (NYC)
Benton-C Bainbridge (NYC)

The gallery will be open from 1:00 pm and during all screenings and
performances. Tickets are $10 for film and video screenings, $20 for


open daily from 1:00 pm and during all performances/screenings

by squid soup (London)

altzero is a multi-user 3D interactive environment where people
communicate with each other, online and offline, through the use of
music and chat. The combination of the different sounds is mirrored
by a visual response, and the player navigates through changing
abstract 3D landscapes. The result is a collective composition, a
live concert with performers from different parts of the world.

by Jonah Brucker-Cohen ( (NYC)

This is a web streaming real-time video system that allows for a live
video stream to exist in a 3D / VRML environment. The system consists
of 40 planes arranged on the x axis and a virtual camera that flies
through each plane on the axis. The planes update in real-time as
video content is streamed to the server and linked to each frame's

"Dilute! Dilute! Dilute!"
by Joshua Goldberg (NYC)
It's a live video "mirror" enclosed in a television case that
detunes itself and must be adjusted using the antennae on the case.

B.O.L.T. (SF)

The Bureau Of Low Technology (B.O.L.T.) was founded in 1997as an
entity devoted to the preservation and appreciation of all things
low-tech. The bureau functions as a reminder of the early techno-era,
when computers were simple and functioned in a very abstracted, often
"stupid" manner. B.O.L.T. embraces this old school bitmapped culture
via outdated video game displays.  BOLT is an interactive, playful,
and fun nostalgic reminder of the days when computers were our friend
and the idea of the information superhighway was a science fiction

Sunset - an internet art project
by Pall Thayer (Iceland)

Participants from all over the world will be transmitting live video
captures of the sun setting which will be displayed on the host
computer.  A unique soundtrack will also be created as a product of
the sunset itself.  The transmissions will all be timed so that only
one is running at a time and the result will be a nonstop chain of
live sunsets each with their own soundtrack.

Video Hookah
Adam Chao (NYC)

Exactly what it sounds like - "must be experienced to be understood".
Video heads can plug-in to the hookah by donning headgear which
contains video goggles and headphones.

Box #6 (NYC)
Sarah Teitler

Box#6, and it is an interactive wall-mounted cardboard box, with
video content on back wall that is controlled by user moving
cardboard flaps.

Growing Up Now
Antony Widoff

Growing Up Now is at its core an essay on the complex & conflicting
issues involved within present-day efforts to find meaningful
occupation and develop maturity.  My desire is to cultivate
and maintain a perhaps traditional artistic impulse - that of
examining the world in a deeply personal way - within culturally
fresh forms.  Achieving this requires that I impel the computer to
play a role it is explicitly designed to avoid.  I accomplish this in
the "Instructional Fixture" by fully enveloping the technology in an
antique school desk, by eschewing "cutting edge" technological
esthetic for a clunkier software feel, and by facilitating
progression from one screen to another through the manual striking of
a small bell mounted above and to the right of a flatscreen imbedded
desk surface.

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