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[Nettime-bold] cell/mobile

from wallpaper* magazine...2000


if you're the kind who finds a mobile phone wristwatch
irresistable and an lxus a must, then IBM in Japan has come up
with the ultimate techno-addict accessory: the wearable computer.
a far cry from the bulky, on-a-belt versions  of old, this "pret-a-porter"
[forgive no accent marks in by Eudora version] PC is the size
of a personal stereo and lighter than a jar of jam. Complete with a headset,
a mouse and a mic, it has a disk drive the size of a 50p coin and can store
236 floppy disks'-worth of data. The separate thumb-sized screen sits an inch
from the eye and cleverly place mirrors distort it to look like a 17-inch
that is 25 inches aswy. And to ensure surfers don't trip over, the screen
is transparent.
Controlled by voice recognition and a gun-shaped (!!!) mouse, the wearable
work tool can also be plugged into a regular keyboard.
When it goies into production in late 2000 it will no doubt be seen
cruising doen the catwalk, but IBM see it as playing a more serious
role--such as servicing aircraft technicians and mechanics who need
to keep their haands free while they work.

ps. another good use for a handy is to talk
while on-line on your landline...(hee)


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