Ronda Hauben on 17 Nov 2000 13:28:23 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Paris, 16 décembre ZeligConf - French Big Brother Awards 2000 !

rosta - <> wrote:

>16  november  2000.  --  The  first  french Big Brother Awards will be 
>bestowed at a special event on 16 December in Paris. 
>"Voltaire" awards will also be given to individuals and organisations 
>which have made an outstanding  contribution  to the protection of 
>privacy, as well as to people  who  have  been  victims  of privacy 

I have often thought of Voltaire as connected with the principle
of "I may disagree with what you have to say but I will dual to 
the death to defend your right to say it". And that is the principle
that has especially important with regard to the early development
of the Internet. So I was surprised to see that there are Voltaire
awards being given, but not for defending the right to free speech,
but rather for defending "privacy". Also being able to speak up
and discuss and debate are how I have found the Internet has 
made it possible to take on the challenges that Orwell raised.

I wonder if there are any thoughts about this by those planning
the Voltaire awards.


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