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[Nettime-bold] SFNet, more details

SF Net, San Francisco, California USA

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One of the inspirations for many Cyber Cafés has been the need
to show that computers and communications technology are not
just for introverted, socially inept, male, computer addicts. This
can be seen in action in San Francisco:

SF Net is a local Bulletin Board System in the SF Bay area,
which has been running since 1991, with public dialup terminals
 (coin operated and well armoured either upright or built into a table)
 in several "normal" San Francisco Cafés. They have an Internet mail
gateway. The dialup speed of 2400 baud, which although not enough for WWW,
is adequate for people to have a cup of coffee, read their messages, chat
to other users in other SF Net equipped cafes or at home. SF Net
has about 3000 users. When I visited, most of the people using the
dial up terminals were both young and female.

 The price is 25 cents for 5 minutes connect time,
which seems reasonable, in a city where a cappuccino
 is a dollar or more.


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