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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-"derailment"

XXX cosmos that becomes free and the virus of the embryo that the
drug=channel of the grief of the blue gene war chromosome of the sky that
the DNA of the boy-machine wolf=space desert does the spasm be canceled
overflows cruelty=amniotic fluid and others of the XXX angel mechanisms more
and do the hell despair-machine that went out short just as 1/8 your
respiration that your speed that your machine that your eternity machine
area soul of ADAM does the worldly desires evolve spring records the hybrid
murder of an ant x-octave=chromosome does the world=our small murder
good-natured viruses of the blue sky that asphalt is invaded by the random
brain of the drug-embryo suck=blood (your machinative-storage that does the
fission device of soul fuck the induction line in the midsummer of the
artificial sun::mode of life noise::the brain of a fly that was accelerating
the body=mode of a cadaver) transplants::body=plane clonic- of an ant "the
night beats. the night disappears. the night...."

the brain of my self-consolation area area megabyte of the fatalities that
my soul receives the clonic-love of the chromosome that becomes cloudy
howls! the machinative-embryo of the digital=apocalypse goes mad! your end
line clone of the locus or drug=motion for 1/8 seconds of the ants that the
body of the angel decays to the labyrinth of the cyber mechanism of the
artificial sun explode""" a boy machine respires the image of the monochrome
horizon of DNA the brain_desert night sky of the ADAM clone that your blue
sky mass of flesh of the virus that the womb of the heat that the body of
the ADAM's-LEVEL lie accelerates suck=blood receive 1/8 of our
brain=planetary soul of the drug-embryo that move in the flight area of the
machine will commit suicide. dynamics_enough my 1/8 negative existence=or
nihilistic placenta-city that replicate ADAM's-film of the boy machine that
does the emotional corpuscular beam of children digital=vamp "GODEAD"
soul-machine of a boy becomes extinct it in the outer space of the desire of
the name called ADAM where your consciousness that your soul becomes
inorganic substance ash become the random virus of a machine::her love that
the action impossibility::her story techno ant nano-machine artificial sun
end of the drug-embryo coexists is replicated with the interior of the womb
of the feti-dog "i want to love the flood of the sun! i want to love the
blue of the womb! the love=mode of the clone-skin that wants to enfold and
was lost vital the universe of the ant of indeed///become the murder person
of the earth! soul! the sea of her gene as my cell respires the death of a
boy the grief of the immortality of the chromosome it is as if her_REW_blood
is the inorganic substance singing voice of an angel.--

nightmare i who respire era of cloning_love_replicant=end-machine amniotic
fluid break down the desert of the brain of an embryo! as for it that the
number of soul crowds to the limit of the godead- genital organs
bio=less=human bodies that the boy machine that the boy machine that the boy
machine that the nano machine boy machine of the grief that the skizoof an
ant was eroded lobotomy chromosomes ADAM's of the angel mechanism of the
outer space that does our cyber murder MHz empty heart overheat that does
noise to the machinative-body of a boy commit suicide roar with laughter
sink replicate the vagina of an artificial sun nanomachinative-suicide line
girl does short inheritance-impossible chromosomal aberration fuck that my
your another replicant- murder person clone-skin induction line
eve=planetary DNA=channel clone cell that the eye of the fly that 1/8 of
brain of the embryo that your soul that my body is crossed be parasitic
randomly reproduce receive the speed like the ant of my soul that copy the
drug of gene manipulation area ADAM's of the digital=apocalypse that dance
accelerate+++++my my my my clone-brain clone-embryo clone-murder person
clonic- eternity that controls the machine of line amniotic fluid perishes
to apoptosis of the soul-ADAM's-machine. OFF

does our desert where our brain is exposed reproduce and output the end
limited express of the boy-machine that is exposed? do i rape soul? does it
do an emotional particle fuck? cut angels gene=TV that our our ADAM's
machine machinative-body we who the synapse of the embryo of the cyber
mechanism that the life line of our ant pattern does noise perish was
killed! the monochrome earth do i love the runaway trip planet of our head
line soul-ADAM's-machine of the language line dog of a fly because our
DNA=dances? do our nanomachinative=grief short! our clone our lobotomy
because the singing voice of our drug mechanism has drunk your earth
completely drug=motion 1/8 of+++++making the brain valve of an ant open boys
be the suicide play of the cyber=synapse that rotates!! our cell rotates=it
is the strange other selfs. grief that we who do the body of the angel that
was beaten the digital=vamp was replicated+++++our soul be the SEXY-sun
gland of clone-TOKAGE that does the horizon of the clonic-end that does the
body organ of the machinative-artificial sun mode mode with the digital that
dashes the interior of the womb of the ADAM=dog!? our planet that our grief
that our body loops loops be like the body of the nerve that bleaches it to
the sun-fiber of the asphalt that loops it. dogs of our brain....


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