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[Nettime-bold] Election Notes 2000

Mindjack: Election Notes 2000

Just before the turn of the millennium we hold an election and all hell
breaks loose. It was too friggin' close, and that's one of the mysteries
that pundits are trying to fathom, that hair's breadth difference between
the final tallies for the two major parties. As I write this, the
Republicans are implying that Democrats are trying to steal the election and
vice versa, and there's a bunch of folks who think Ralph Nader was the real
thief, even though he lost the election, even failed to make his 5% target
to legitimize the Greens as a third party. He did show sufficient power to
block Gore's victory: "I'll show those goddam Democrats...."

Who knows why the election was close? It appears that voter turnout was up,
and it just happened that the half or so of the electorate that chose to
vote was split 50-50. The other half is mysterious as ever. Nonvoters are so
assertively silent about their intentions. I can imagine how either
candidate might be haunted by those numbers they might have produced had
they pushed the right buttons, toured the right states, roused the right
amount of ire or fired the right amount of inspiration to move those folks
to the polls....

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