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[Nettime-bold] Pierre Levy Conference & Webcast Announcement

          ---- deCenter presents ----

                 PIERRE LEVY

                  author of
   Becoming Virtual: Reality in the Digital Age
Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in

                 speaking on:


"After television, omnivision. Cyberspace allows us to show
everything to everybody from everywhere. We are collectively
building and exploring a hyper-icon that is a virtually
infinite fractal image of mixed reality and fiction : the great
simulation. What does it mean to learn and teach when
billions of hyperlinked automedia broadcast their versions
of truth? What kind of global cyberdemocracy shall we
invent when the whole planet will be connected and will
discuss everthing in virtual communities?"

            Monday November 20, 6pm
  Wolff Conference Room, 2nd floor 65 Fifth Avenue
             New School University


Sponsored by the Sociology Department of the Graduate
Faculty and the Media Studies Department, New School

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