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[Nettime-bold] REALTOKYO

Dear Nettimers,

I am a Tokyo-based journalist/multimedia producer.  I've just started a 
cultural web magazine on 'what's going' on Tokyo's scene.  It's totally 
bilingual with English and Japanese (The language will be automatically 
selected according to your browser's preference).  Enjoy!

Tetsuya OZAKI

Editor in Chief / REALTOKYO
ozaki@ realtokyo.co.jp

(sorry for any cross posting)


REALTOKYO is Japan's first web magazine to present a variety of cultural 
information about the Tokyo metropolitan area in both Japanese and English. 
It is an urban cultural  magazine offering carefully selected quality 
content to Internet users wanting to know what's on in this world city. The 
sophisticated design and content will appeal to residents of the city and 
other parts of Japan, as well as English-speaking people throughout the 

Structure of the magazine:----------------------------
1. Information about films, music events, exhibitions, the theatre and 
other events in Tokyo.
2. Cultural information dispatched from other world cities.
3. Articles related to cultural issues.
4. Several other sections describing what's currently on in Tokyo.
5. Users can search events by keyword, date and category.
6. A convenient tool for managing a schedule of events chosen by the user.
7. An email service to remind users of events that they have marked on 
their schedules.


Welcome to the first issue of the web magazine REALTOKYO!

'Never miss an event again'

With a single mouseclick, save information on films, concerts, plays, 
exhibitions, and clubs to your own personal web scheduler.

The first issue of the REALTOKYO web magazine was released November 1.
Check it out at http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/

Greatly improved content and functionality (especially the search feature!) 
since the 'preparation issue'.

- Tokyo, 4 Weeks
Every week REALTOKYO will present an essay on 'recommended events of the 
month'.  Our event advisors will take turns writing each week, but the 
first will be a special quatro feature by writers in charge of evaluating 
events in 'Before and After'; Unita Momiich, Sadayacco, Margarita and 
Mizumoto Akira.  Ito Gabin writes about a new ambitious exhibition of 
Exonemo in the second issue.

- RealCities
These columns feature news from other world cities by contributors living 
there.  The first issue has reports from Takahata Yuki in Paris, Nomura 
Shinobu in Berlin, and Kasaki Yasuko in New York.  The second issue has a 
report from Nonaka Momo in London.

- Must-see Events Around the World
Journalist Fukuda Miki navigates us to significant cultural events taking 
place in various spots around the world.  Traveler or not, this will make 
you want to take some virtual journeys.

- Before and After
Fifty or more events chosen by REALTOKYO are evaluated by experts in two 
ways: in the first they rate their expectations before the event and in the 
other they give their impressions after it has taken place. REALTOKYO users 
can join in with their evaluations too.

You'll also enjoy high-quality serial articles written by editor in chief 
Ozaki Tetsuya and publisher Serizawa Takashi.  In the second issue, Ozaki 
writes about the world premiere of cyclo., a new unit consisting of Ikeda 
Ryoji, who is also sound designer for Dumb Type, and Carsten Nicolai, 
a.k.a. NOTO, a Grand Prix winner in the digital music section of Ars 
Electronica 2000, comparing with a recent exhibition of the media artist 
Iwai Toshio, also a Grand Prix winner in the digital music section of Ars 
Electronica 1997.

- Event Scheduler and Reminder Email Service
REALTOKYO also offers a free service for keeping you updated on events you 
want to see using its Event Scheduler and Reminder Email services. 
Together they offer an easy-to-use method for staying on top of all the 
exciting events that are happening in this amazing city.  We believe that 
this may be the first service of its kind in the world.

REALTOKYO is now open full time to receive event information from users. 
Spread the word and use it!

R     E     A     L     T     O     K     Y     O
from Tokyo/to Tokyo  http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/
201 Samon-cho bldg., 14 Samon-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017 Japan
Tel: 813-3356-0353  Fax: 813-3353-6971  info@realtokyo.co.jp


Tetsuya OZAKI


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