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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Cellphones and the cancer of cellspace

Matt Locke mentoned the service in Budapest.  Here's a bit more in my
selection of notes from one of my favorites books on technology.
Steve Cisler

Pool, Ithiel de Sola. Forecasting the telephone. Ablex1983 Norwood, NJ.

Because telephones were installed in areas that could afford it, it
stabilized affluent neighborhoods and separated them from deteriorating
ones. p47

Telphone companies provide much of the information for urban planning.

"The most direct means of approaching citizens on the planning issue was
reported in Los Angeles where a battery of phone girls called everyone in
the city to secure reactions, while mailing an explanatory folder."p47


The change of independent villages into satellites of cities is fostered by
the telephone.