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>> I would prefer it if this book was published as more of a pulp popular
>> train station/airport book rather than a glossy Waterstones coffee table.
>Yeech.  Why does being progressive have to be ugly, boring, and dull.  And
>usually body odor, too.

nn blamez !t on dze opensrc l!f4rmz [e.g. - zkrrr]

>> I'd rather see someone reading that on the tube than see it lying dead and
>> unread on a glass coffee table. (apologies for saying coffee table too
>> often)
>In the future, everyone in the revolution is going to be beautiful, well
>coifed, athletic, thin, tanned, and smelling of expense perfumed
>moisturizers.  The revolution will do that for you. 

                                                        + much mor dzn.
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nn - r!ch.bored.edukated.all dolled up 4 autumn

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